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  1. Here are the pictures of Michael Key's T/C's in St.Louis--
  2. Mark--So sorry to hear your ill. After 30 years with diabetes I know how health things can come up. Just like Bob Hope said--"If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your PLANS"
  3. If you want a car you car modify for more performance DO NOT look at a 3 liter V6 T/C. I own all three models-- 2.2 sohc turbo.2.2 dohc turbo and 3 liter V6. The V6 can gain 15hp by replacing the muffler system with 2.5 pipes and a high flow muffler. Replacing the throtle body up to a 52mm can gain a few more hp. The most fun you can have with mods is replace the tranny with a five speed. I've seen 2 done. Be prepared to spent at least $5000 for the job. You need to find a donar 3 liter V6 5 speed Daytona-LeBaron-Shadow.
  4. How old are the wires? When I raced Datsun Z cars we had problems with intermident coils. They would test fine, but die on the worst place on the track. Turn 8 at Road Atlanta uphill comes to mind. Coils are cheep. http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=5&ProductID=695 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=5&ProductID=160 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=5&ProductID=1056
  5. Jasper-for those who don't know-is just like Dean Martin was. You don't ask"where's the party?" because wherever Jaspers at IS the PARTY!----Have a ballyall
  6. I have weighed 10 hardtops. All have been between 101 to 106 pounds.
  7. Headed to Palm Beach for Barrett Jackson. 3 days of 83-sunshine-walking around looking at millions of dollars in cars. Life is GOOD!
  8. http://polybushings.com/pages/swaybarkrr.html
  9. This was a problem for 1989-90 T/C's with a TSB # I will look up later. The fix was the top windows used in the late 1991 model run. You can tell these windows by their "roll of ribbon" look where the early cars have the bevel. My sons early 1990 white car has a large burn spot on the white paint inside. It is about 6 inches long as the sun traveled and burned the paint. The car came from Dallas Texas.I have tinted both top windows and my son never leaves anything anywhere behind the seats.
  10. Hey Tony-Dont you need to vist your brother in Orlando? Going to the Tigers game today--84 outside-top DOWN.
  11. OK-now I know what to do with the 3 NOS shift knobs I have.
  12. Did yours go bad? How? If you find one make sure it has been rebuilt with ALL the upgrades. My son's went out 1.5 years ago and I had the choice you have now. I choose to have Lakeland Chrysler do the job. The tranny was shipped from Deroit with ALL the newest insides and came with a 3year/36000 mile warranty good at any Chrysler dealer. If you put in a used tranny and 2 months from now it dies-you still need a tranny and have put in or paid labor on 2 trannys.Final cost--$1250tranny--$750 labor--$2000 total.It's my 17 year old sons daily driver and needed to be bullet proof. It now shifts better than ANY V-6 T/C ive ever been in and averages 26mpg.I still think it was money well spent.IMHO
  13. Rick Diago-Palm Beach-South Florida http://www.rdiperformance.com/
  14. The stock bov on the 2.2 has a very poor diaphram inside. After a number of years it is very prone to leaking boost vaccum and not completly doing its job. Rick Diago has a kit that uses a Porsche 911T bov. It works great,will last much longer than stock,and is not as loud as the 100db units the kids are using. http://www.rdiperformance.com/
  15. Your welecome http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=64&ProductID=838 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=64&ProductID=921 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=64&ProductID=837 http://www.rdiperformance.com/
  16. Here are the 16". They are 13.5lbs each. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/16-Inch-B...85348QQtcZphoto
  17. Here are the 15" rims I use on my T/C for time attack and auto-cross events. 10-thats right-10 pounds each. As for the price-in rims YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/15-trakli...tem160208171860
  18. Don--Things to do BEFORE you stick the Miller tool on a T/C. 1-Get the service manual. 2-Flush old brake fluid and replace with new per Manual instructions.I use DOT4 synthetic. 3-Replace Accumulator Ball with new unit. They are only made to last 8-10 years. 4-Check all electrical contacts and wires to do with the brake system as per the manual. After you have done ALL of these,if you still have a problem let me know and we'll see about getting the tester to ya. If you have any questions-drop me a line. Tim Cowan-- Pentrident.com
  19. Must have been AFTER you guys got done. When I drove it, it DROVE like the $500 Maserati!
  20. I know,have seen and driven this car. It has always been one of the fastest 16 valve cars I have driven. A VERY rare and nice piece. Also one of the only T/C's ever worked on by 2 of the best T/C experts I know-Rick Diago AND Alan from SoCal!!!!
  21. If anyone would like a dvd of Tommy on the "Crossing Over with John Edwards" I'll be glad to send anyone a copy. Just drop me a line with your address. Tim Cowan cowancom@tampabay.rr.com
  22. If your REALLY up north it could be --CIAOEH. You hosers-take off eh.
  23. If you get 7 spaces I like-- CIAOYALL . It's a southern Italian thing.
  24. I'll check on the remove/replace. If you like Cuban-the Silver Ring is the BEST Cuban sandwich and black beans and rice in mid Florida.
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