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  1. WOW!!!! What a car. Makes one proud to be a Hoosier.
  2. On Ebay NOW----- Item number: 130247537033 Black Item number: 130247301970 Ginger
  3. How old are the wires? If you don't know or if they are older than 8 or so years old---Replace them. Nice time to do plugs at the same time. Denso iridium plugs are what I use. Magnacore for the wires. http://www.densoproducts.com/resultsApp.asp?AAIA=1067183&productCategoryID=1 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=5&ProductID=160
  4. You mean like this? Car belongs to John Bacon in St Augustine Florida. He built a custom wine rack of African rosewood. I had wine custom bottled for the Florida event 2 years ago. That is the T/C special wine in the rack. A bottle of red and a bottle of white.
  5. Chip would.....push it off a cliff. I asked Chip at last years Barret-Jackson in Palm Beach. He HATES Italian cars. He also thinks the last good mopars were produced in the early 1970's. Front wheel drive is also a waste on Chip. Chip is now-and will always be a Ford man.
  6. Dayton can make any size-bolt pattern-and offset. The one's in the picture are 5x100 bolt pattern-18" rims-with a 40 offset. They were only $5800 from Dayton. http://www.daytonwirewheels.com/
  7. My son's alternator just died in his T/C. Lasted ONLY 19 years. How dare it.
  8. Hey Jasper-I know of a 1 of one 16 valve----Oh well
  9. Here is a link for the whole assembly and just the plastic housing if cracked. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cadillac-...emZ140246843376 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/CAMARO-FI...emZ290243949827
  10. Jasper-are you taking the "Bus as big as most towns in Alabama" or are you taking something smaller?
  11. Alan-Are you planing on flying or driving to Florida? If you fly into Orlando I can pick you up. I know it's still 4 months out-just let me know. Someday soon my NEED for a pinks hot dog will over take me and you just may see me.
  12. Still a work in progress-you can now go to my web site for complete links and forms for the T/C show in November. Also former head of the T/C project in Italy-Mr Bob Davis is helping us with plans for the 20th anniversary reunion of T/C's set for the Walter P. Chrysler museum in Auburn Hills Michigan in 2009. Any T/C owners in Michigan that would like to help-just send me a line. Thanks--Tim Cowan www.pentrident.com http://chryslerheritage.com/
  13. REDMAN-The enclosed picture is of the LaMota's car from here in Florida. It has a VERY well done cont. kit and a gorgeous dark blue custom soft top. Cost on the top alone was $2500. It has won best modified T/C 2 times at the Florida meet and 3 times at the T/C nationals.
  14. The alarm systems were manufactured by clairion in china. They were installed in SOME T/C's when they got to port in N.J. The company is out of buisness and there are no parts or info left. If you want an alarm system have the old one removed and have a modern system installed. This was a VERY poor alarm. Farly 80's tec. The installers were paid $25 per car. They did a 2 cent job.
  15. Any auto shop that does the "convertible look" on a hard top can do a removeable top. Here in Florida I see some of the strangest cars with fake convertible tops. To attach material to a painted surface-3M makes very good spray adhesives for this task.
  16. Photo from Mike of Black covered hard top.
  17. The french company's 4 bigest investors--William Gates,Warren Buffett,Richard Branson and some guy named Donald Trump.
  18. For those interested in alternative powertrains--- http://videos.komando.com/2008/06/08/car-runs-on-air/
  19. The smart has the same passenger space as the Benz e-class saloon. My son is 6'4"-285lbs with size 17 feet and him and I fit with room to spare. Now the balest with a 1700lb car and Ian and I are another question. 5 star crash rating also.
  20. Merrill--Hope to see you in Silver Springs in November. Were going to have a great time. Our cars are going to be on display inside the theme park. If theres anything we here in Florida can do to help you-just give us call.---Tim Cowan www.pentrident.com
  21. I have all the T/C's my wife and driveway can stand. And a nice 9' x 5' space in my garage for our new commuter car. 50mpg is a blast!
  22. Make the darned car ride and handle like it SHOULD have from the factory. http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=46&ProductID=294
  23. I live in Florida--and the dealer is very wrong. Not only that---LEGALY-it is titled as a MASERATI.Tell this idiot the vin number starts with a Z. That means the car was manufactured and imported from ITALY. There are 2 manufacture tags on the car. One in the glove box and one in the inside of the door. BOTH say MASERATI. Nowhere is there a manufactured by Chrysler tag anywhere on these cars. I have 3 T/C's with Florida titles-all are titled MASERATI. LeBarron indeed. If you need any help call 813.787.3784 Tim Cowan ------www.pentrident.com
  24. To each his own. If Mike is happy--I'm dancing in the street.
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