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  1. The last time I spoke to Rick was over a year ago. He had taken a job with Florida Power and was working over 70+ hours a week with some travel. At last years Lake Mirror Classic in Lakeland-I know Alan drove down to see Rick. So Alan may have a fresher take on Rick than I.
  2. I have fixed 25 or so ABS light on cases. I have never seen a bad contoller in 21 years.
  3. FYI---Whille your back there changing your rear shocks...... Johnny @ polybushings is now offering upper spring isolators for our cars made from polyurethane. Do the job for the LAST time. polyurethane coil spring isolators
  4. My history on the system working but the ABS light on has been 9.5 out of 10 times it's a wheel sensor problem. Some of things it has been-- You have a "tone ring" on your axel. You have a Reed Sensor that reads the grooves in the tone wheel as it spins. If your tone ring is really dirty-I have seen this triger a ABS light on because the rotations are not being seen by the sensor. Cure-remove crud from the tone ring. Most of the problems I have repaired are the sensors them self either having a wire broken or loose from the sensor. I have been able to remove and repair all sensors I have come accross. Feel for breaks in the wires. Hope this helps.
  5. Should have it in the mail monday. Now all I have to do is find them.--Tim
  6. Alan--do you need a crystal key? 89-single side or 90-dual sided. Just let me know.---Tim
  7. The enclosed link is to the Porsche hard top hoist. Beware---it is rated to hold only up to 85lbs. The TC hard tops that I have weighed were 105 to 110 lbs. Hard Top Hoist, Manual For Porsche#
  8. I have DVD copies of the Chrysler dealer beta tapes. If you would like a copy-please reply through my web site with your address and request. www.pentrident.com
  9. btw--On October 1,1996 I got to crash test a plastic hard top on a TC by getting broadsided by a man doing 85mph. The pins and holddowns all sheared off on impact and the top bounced off my head whille I was spinning in the intersection 5 times. Opened the door and walked away with a chiped tooth and some bruses.
  10. One more time folks--the TC hard tops-are not-were not and never were fiberglass!!!!! They are the largest piece of SMP-Sheet Molded Plastic ever used for a standard automobile. The sheets of plastic were warmed-then pressed between 2 dies. Then they were hand trimed-the "porthole" and back window cut by hand-and sent for painting and assembly. This top came out about 50 or so lbs lighter than a Mercedes 380 top and just under 2 times more ridged. Unfortunatly they also came out about twice as costly to produce as the Mercedes top. Oh well---whats a over $100,000 loss on each car made anyway.
  11. I was 26 when I put my deposit down on my first TC in Dec. 1987. As far as I've found ,I was the youngest person to purchase a TC new. I'm 48 now-still a TC owner-and far from dead. Great---now I'll drop dead tomorrow. My mothers name was Murphy.
  12. Not at Barrett-Jackson. All cars are no reserve. They sell what they sell for. Thats what has kept Rick from putting his triple black 1000 mile car in-when the Palm Beach action is in his back yard. If you want to set a reserve-Mecum is a better bet. Mecum Auction: Live Classic, Collector, Corvette and Muscle Car Auctions
  13. Hey Alan....do you still have 2 yellow 16valve 5speeds? You have a Barrett-Jackson auction coming up in your back yard this year. Would be a great time to gage the value of the cars. Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - Orange County Collector Car Event 2010
  14. Ok....the website www.pentrident.com is updated with photos from the Lakeland Lake Mirror Classic. There are also events planed for 2010 with dates so you can plan early for next years meets. As we get more info it will be listed on the site. On the smart side--the first smart nationals in Kansas City in june are planing for 10000 cars. So far we have 7200 registerd.
  15. Some photos from Lakeland. I should have my site updated late this weekend. Sorry for the delay. www.pentrident.com
  16. Told ya what a great car that is!!!! You bring a new meaning to the term "fully loaded automobile". It was GREAT to see you and Duncan. Thank You soooooo much for supporting this opportunity for the TC.----Tim
  17. So very sorry you can't make it. You guys will be missed. I was told because of family health problems Mr.Norton will also be mia. Very sad that the only show in the history of the TC-Dennis Gage and the tv show "my classic car" will be at Lakeland and doing a segment on the TC for broadcast next year on speedtv. It would have been nice to have Mr.Diogo's 1000 mile car or Mr.Norton's low mileage TC to be on tv.
  18. Alan--I will be setting up at the hotel on friday. It's 30 miles from my house -so if you need anything-just let me know. We are a FEATURED group this year with a special display area almost on the lake. A "best TC" will be chosen and recieve a trophy and get to be in the winners parade at the end of show saturday.---Tim Home 2009 Florida TC Lake Mirror Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival http://lakemirrorclassic.com/PDF%20Files/Map%2009.pdf
  19. The material the cluster cover is made from is the wonder of........cardboard. The same cardboard used under the folded vinyl on the door panels.
  20. As for cars with active tags--your WAY high on the number.
  21. BTW-If you need a great-25 year aged balsamic vinegar to go with that cheese-here is a GREAT one imported by the head of the Ferrari Club of America. He started his love of Italian cars as the head of the Maserati Club of America. I order this by the case. Try it on your favorite pizza or simply on grilled chicken. In Italy they even have it on vanilla ice cream. I tried that-not as bad as one would think. Mandarano Balsamic Glaze & Sauce - Gourmet balsamic vinegar reduction -
  22. Nothing is left but the land and condos. The Panini Maserati museum is a ways from the old factory site. Your in for a treat with the cheese. It's the only Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese allowed into the Vatican kitchens. 200 years of the family buisness will do that. If your a "foodie"-wait till you make an alfredo sauce with this cheese!
  23. Good luck on the factory the TC's were built in. Most of the old factory sight was bulldozed 4 years ago. On one corner is new condos. None that I talked to even knew auto's were ever built there. When Fiat purchased what was left of Maserati-they wanted NOTHING to do with the museum and the cars it contained. They had set up an auction to sell off the collection when the Panini family stepped up and purchased the whole collection. I've included a link to the museum. If you go-in the main display area-on the right side-the last car in line is a red 1989 Chrysler/Maserati 16 valve 5 speed TC. If you-like myself-apperciate the Panini family saving the Maserati history-tell them so by purchasing some of their cheese. Yes I know it's costly-but it's worth every penny. The Umberto Panini Maserati Collection Welcome to the web site of the Maserati Club The Panini Collection The Panini Collection The Panini Collection Pondini Imports
  24. Sue- I enclosed a link to FWD in Dallas that stocks all the parts for the TC distributors and most parts you may need. If the car has the origianal fuel pump-that means it's 20 years old. Change it now or you will be stranded sometime soon. Cindy at FWD has those also. I live over by Disney and have 3 TC's-if need any help-just give me a call. Tim Cowan www.pentrident.com ????????? ?????????
  25. Try your local NAPA store or NAPAonline. I just purchased 2 sets from them last month. Part #NMD958271. $59.79 each with a $56 core each. NAPA Online
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