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  1. Same cart. One has shipping included- the $99 is $41 shipping. The cover they provide turmed into paper within 1 year in my garage. I used it for a pattern to make a REAL cover.
  2. Here is a link off E-Bay of the ones I use. CHRYSLER TC hard top STORAGE CART RACK HARDTOP 1955-07 | eBay
  3. You can do better than stock. polyurethane rear axle bushing kits polyurethane track arm bushing kit polyurethane suspension bushings also VERY important--please look at the last photo-I've seen this 100 times or more, especially if you live in an area with a lot of potholes http://polybushings.com/pages/1095.html
  4. Contact Rick Diogo-RDI perfomance. 561.798.7647 Results Driven Inc. Rick and his shop are in Wellington.
  5. converted mine over 2 years ago. works great. Do you know anybody who needs a Teves booster? I have one used in working condition-one new in box.
  6. pizzaman--close-but no cigar. The Miller tool required for the TC is the MST6400. I have one of the few. It has been to England-Germany-Italy-Canada-Alaska and Hawaii. If only I could travel as well as my tester. Rob--When you have a repair manual-and a good brake service person-I would be glad to let you borrow the tester. Where are you. Funny thing is--I have the tester--but NO Teves system. I also have a Chrysler dealer DVD that explains the Teves system as well as anything Ive seen. If you would like one-just let me know. ---Tim Cowan www.pentrident.com
  7. Also--Here are some choices from Chris at TurbosUnleashed... Replace me in Page Control under index.php
  8. Give Cindy at FWD a call. 281-288-4411<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P> Here are some links.... ????????? ?????????
  9. The Hemmings magazine with the TC article is now available online at the link below. Store | Hemmings Motor News
  10. What you see in the photos are an Ansa Itallian made muffler. Just another cost cut from TC concept to the cars we got delivered. Like the fact in catalog photos the rims were chrome plated. Cost cut. The Ansa muffler were going to cost approx. $120ea. Instead Chrysler chose the standard K car muffler at $23 ea. BTW--after importing the standard K car muffler--they ended up costing closer to $90ea. Gotta love the Itallian Government. Ansa Muffler 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 Acura Integra | eBay
  11. The TC rims are 15x6 or 15x6.5 --sorry I dont remember. The bolt pattern is 5x100 The offset is 38mm. I'm using 18x7 40mm offset rims on my car. Any FWD offset will work. 38mm to 40mm. Wheel Tech 101: Centering And Offset - Wheels Rims Tires for Cars Trucks SUVs WheelsNext.com Wheel Tech - Offset Wheel Offsets - Discount Tire
  12. The gas tank grommet # is 5217578. All mopar products from 1984 to 1997 used this part-including our TC's. I know of 4 TC's here in florida that has needed this part this year-including mine. If on start up you smell gas -but can't find a leak If when you fill up and take the gas cap off and DONT hear a vacuum-suck sound when you take the gas cap off If you are replacing the fuel pump YOU NEED THIS PART And yes you have to drop the tank to install this part. Our local Chrysler/Dodge Dealer in Lakeland averages 6 installs a week for this part. They keep at least 10 in stock at all times. Dodge Ram,Durango,Neon etc GasTank Filler Grommet,Mopar | eBay
  13. First---I plan on not only buying several copies of Hemmings TC issue when they come out in Aug.--I plan on BUYING a subscription with a BIG thankyou to Hemmings for doing an article on our cars. Please take the time to let Hemmings know how much this means to us-the TC diehards. Hemmings Motor News: Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car - Current Issue Dot et all--here you go---- http://pentrident.com/Documents/HemmingsTC-092011.pdf
  14. In the early TC photos from Chrysler-you will see a Nardi wood steering wheel. That deal was pulled when costs were cut on the project, In 1989 a MOMO wheel was used-at the time about 1/3 the cost of a Nardi. For 1990 the standard air bag Chrysler wheel was used. The best way to find a Nardi wheel I have found is E-Bay. Go to auto parts and enter "Nardi" in the search box. You will also need an adapter. The steering column used in all TC is a GM column made by Saginaw gear. Nardi 360 mm side spoke steering wheel. Brushed Spokes | eBay NARDI steering wheel | eBay Wood Steering Wheel Stamped Made in Italy Not Nardi Or? | eBay
  15. The brake system at the wheels-rotors,calipers,pads,lines-are all the same as the 1987 Dodge Shelby Daytona. In fact-when the testing for the teves brake system was done-it was with a Daytona with a Teves system installed.
  16. Tony t------ Here is a link for braided stainless brake lines for the TC. ?????????
  17. As with everything in life--you get what you pay for. Giot's Garage sells custom made-custom fit covers for the TC. I have 2 of them. You will pay $250-$500 for them. Car Covers - Griot's Garage
  18. Yellowdog--9 out of 10 times I have seen this problem it's a sensor problem. If you can-Take the wheels off and inspect the abs sensors. I have seen wires broken--dirt build up--to rusty tone wheels. What you have is a Reed senor that reads a tone wheel that rotates. If the sensor has failed(cable-pulled out) or if anything is in the way --it cant reed the tone wheel--thus the ABS light. Good Luck
  19. the ASE book states--8hrs out---8hrs in. I've done it in 6.
  20. Please buy from people who support the Chrysler 2.2turbo community. Here is a link to the proper fuel pump. Also since you have the tank down--replace the rotted rubber fuel tube that leads from the filler neck to the tank AND the rubber tank donut. ?????????
  21. Please--Please check the fuel lines that run behind the engine to the fuel rail. So far this year here in Florida about 1 TC a month is burning to the ground. Leaking gas at pressure onto a 1200-2500 degree turbo housing--you see smoke and raise the hood.adding o2 and---burn baby burn.
  22. 93 Allante----- Good---no more vent window Northstar power Bad-Very Bad----No more Reccaro Seats Old Man Eldorado Sliders That also is the the gen 1 Northstar--better to find a newer updated motor than try and do the updates to a gen 1.
  23. The best part of the car for me--is the $2500 custom dark blue soft top. Wow---you should see it. I'm looking for a picture. I only have 15,000 to go through.
  24. http://www.paintscratch.com/ select 1989 Maserati ,then Chrysler Maserati fr2 is the paint code for Exotic Red.
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