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  1. Don't forget after you drop the tank--replace your fuel tank gromet. Here in Florida EVERY tank I've droped has had a leaky gromet. Remember it is a pressurized system. If when you unscrew your gas cap--you should hear a sucking sound. Also after you replace the pump--try to keep your car at over half a tank of fuel. The fuel pump is cooled by the gas in the tank. If you always run at under half a tank the pump will run hotter and will cut the life of the pump. Thats why its IN THE TANK.

    Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Fuel Gas Tank Filler Neck Grommet Seal 5217578 | eBay


  2. Hello Hemi--

    First I hope this finds you well. I was told you have had some eye and health problems. Your always in our thoughts and prayers.

    The steel used in the TC was for better rust protection. And it was a larger gauge of thickness than used in any other Chrysler product of the time. If you ever get a chance to weigh a TC trunk lid or hood. Vs a LeBarron piece there is quite a difference.

    The paint on my red TC is original. It spent its first 15 years in the North Carolina sun. It now sets in my garage in Florida. I remember us looking at about 5 or 6 original paint red TC's in the parking lot in Reno and they were all a little different.

    I think the UV reacts differently with the color from different parts of the country.

    Great to hear from you.

  3. Wrong.

    The body panels of the TC are 2 sided galvanized steel. This was the first use of galvanized steel in ANY car ever made in Italy. Steel specialist had to be brought in from Germany to lend a hand to the Italian craftsmen forming and stamping the bodys. This led to further delays.

    Once again---the hard top of the TC is a SMP part--NOT fiberglass!!!

    SMP---sheet molded plastic. This part was the largest SMP part ever used in the auto industry at that point. If it was fiberglass it would weigh 50 pounds or more than it does.

    The tonneau cover is steel. I have the dents of hundreds of beauty queens rears to prove it. Use your car in a parade once and tell me what its made out of.


  4. The rim size on both the TC and LeBarron...

    5 x 100 with a rim width of 5" to 7" and an offset of 38 to 40mm.

    I have 18" x 7" rims with a 40mm offset. That is as large of a rim I would feel good about on a TC.

    I had a set of 17" x 7.5" rims on another TC and there was some rubbing at full lock.


  5. 1st-- I would change mechanics. I would NEVER go back to who you had look at the car. Problems with what he told you----

    #1--the Teves ABS controller is in the passager compartment right footwell side.

    #2--you can do what I did--REMOVE the teves pump and install a 1987 Shelby Daytona master pump, It added a whole 2 feet to my 70 to 0 stop.

    #3--what is the color of the oil pressure sending unit? If it's gold-that is your problem. ONLY MOPAR silver can will give you proper readings. This comes from 30 years of 2.2 mopar work. The only place I know of that has the proper Mopar unit left is Arizona Parts.

    If you find a tech in your area to work on the Teves system and you want it to work---I have a known good abs controller and the Miller tool for the teves system you are welcome to borow.

    The first things I would try----

    1--Put in a tested and fresh battery.

    2--test the altenator output AND check the belt alignment AND the altenator bushings.

    3--with the battery disconected-pull clean and check the ABS cans and the large power wire under them. When you open the hood-they are on the left side inner fender as you face the car. After cleaning with contact cleaner ,use some dieletric silicone then replace.

    4--Hook everything back up and see if the pump runs normaly.

    I would be happy to tell you my Horror stories with the Teves system and try to help as I can. Just let me know.--Tim Cowan

    www.pentrident.com cowancom@tampabay.rr.com Skype--- cowancom

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