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  1. The ride is fine. 45's still give you enough side wall to not ride like a buck board. The handling is night and day difference. You can corner with some actual confidence instead of the "on tip toes" feel of the OEM setup. The rear springs on the T/C were the ones used on the Dodge Dynasty. When mine get a little softer Im going to air bag the suspension.

  2. Sorry I got the size wrong. The new tires are actually 215/45/17. There is a great tire size comparison macro at www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html. Here are the numbers for original T/C tires vs. 17" upgrade.

    Size Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Rev/Mile Difference

    205/60/15 4.8" 12.3" 24.7" 77.6" 817 0

    215/45/17 3.8" 12.3" 24.6" 77.3" 819 -0.3%

    I had the speedo reset for the new tires but with -.3% difference it really was not a must do. The new combo is 11 lbs a corner heavier. Stopping distance is also a little longer. More rolling mass to slow down.

  3. I Just put 17 x 8 Konig Unknown Rims with 225/50/17 BFG tires on my son's 1990 T/C.

    No problems. But gas mileage that has been 26 mpg for the last 2 years so far has droped to 23 with the new setup. Discount tire still lists the T/C on both there local and online direct web sites. Tire rack only lists 15 & 16 inch rims for the T/C. Discount lists up to 20 inch for thw T/C! If I had to do it all again I may go 18 inch. 20's would look like a covered wagon wheel with the short wheel base. Ill try to get pictures up soon.

  4. Kirby--Why OE? I've replaced all mine with Magnacor 8.5mm wires #6514. Yea about $85.00 less will be in your wallet, but no other wires I've ever used are close. Whille your at it you might try Denso Iridium plugs at the same time. Same story very costly but worth every penny. Plug #IW16--$11.99 each at Sparkplugs.com .

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