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  1. I think it's Chris. His wife passed this year and it has hit him hard. Rick Diogo is at RDI.http://www.rdiperformance.com/ There is also Forward Motion in Delaware.http://www.forwardmotioninc.com/html/about.htm
  2. If it's too loud I'm getin too old. I bet I can't hear it over my 2500 watt stereo in mine.
  3. Looks great!! Hows the sound? Have you replaced the horrible stock blow off valve? Another great bang for the buck mod.
  4. TurbosUnleashed. I've had no problems. http://www.turbosunleashed.com/ http://pentrident.com/default.aspx
  5. Lou's instructions are spot on. Just removed the 205lb Lazyboys from mine and replaced them with 12lb seats. Every bit of weight I remove makes the car a lot more fun to drive. It is much cheeper to remove weight than to make more horsepower. An old racing thing.
  6. Give Cindy at FWD a call. She knows all the part numbers that she sells me for the T/C. The dyno tests Ive done is a 15 hp gain vs stock with a 2-3 mpg increase.FWD281-288-4411 http://www.fwdperformance.com/
  7. I have used 5 of them with the walker ultra flow muffler and the catco high flow cat. Nice sound on the 2.2 turbo. Too loud for some. A REAL nice sound on the 3L V-6. Almost a small block rumble at idle. Get to 3200 rpm and above it gets ricy quick.
  8. There were 2 under 20k mile T/C's for sale at the St.Augustine show. Both were white/ginger 3l v-6. What year/engine/colors are you looking for? There is also a cabernet/bord. 1989 16valve 5speed with 8000 miles for sale in Pensacola. Leather is a 6 out of 10.
  9. Boy thats a nice red T/C on the end in the first picture.(winkwink nodnod knowwhatImean knowwhatImean)
  10. Yes St.Augustine. If you go to Pentrident.com you can get a map to the hotel. The hotel is sold out. If you are not registerd for the show, you will not get into the parking lot.
  11. Lou-my son said it does look like some kind of art work. Sorry I did not see it. Just a bunch of crushed metal-paint-and sun light.
  12. That is the hood. It became a ramp for his mini van that launched him I am told 6 feet in the air. I was busy spining a good 5-6 times around. In one of those "its a small world" moments-10/1/95 @10:03am while I was spining on Fowler Ave.,Rick Diogo was 2 blocks away in classes at USF. He says he remembers the smashed T/C in the road.
  13. By the way-we have 48 cars now signed up and 94 for the banquet. More than most west coast nationals ive been to.
  14. Alan--I will be there on Saturday. If you need ANYTHING just give me a call.--Tim Cowan 813.787.3784
  15. For eveyones info--the hard top on the T/C is not fiberglass. It was the largest SMP piece ever made in the auto industry to that point. SMP-sheet molded plastic. A large sheet of enforced plastic was heated then put into a press mold to form the tops. Port holes and rear window holes were then cut by hand and tops compleated. Having been hit in the side at 85 mph in a T/C the top sure ripped in a strange way.
  16. Whille were posting grill pictures-- hope this works
  17. Here is a link to the bov install kit I use. Also Rick Diogo at RDI has a complete kit that uses a bov from a porsche 911 turbo. http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=64&ProductID=838 http://www.rdiperformance.com/
  18. If you go to pentrident.com all the info is there. You can print out all the forms to send to Dan Holiday. Last time I talked to the hotel there were only 2 rooms left so I would call ASAP. If anyone needs more info call Tim Cowan 813.787.3784
  19. If you want a much better handling T/C this is what I have on my T/C's. Some would say toooo stiff. I say just right. It's only money. http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=45&ProductID=949 http://pentrident.com/default.aspx
  20. Oliver- I have a friend here in Florida that buys and sells 16 valve T/C's. He always seems to have 8-10 on hand. His e-mail and my web site is included if you need any help. mishunaire@aol.com http://pentrident.com/default.aspx
  21. Oliver- Either Larry at T/C parts or Rick Diago at RDI performance will have the part you seek. It will not be cheep. If you have a u-pull-it recycling yard local to you, the same part was used on a lot of daytonas and lebarons with a little mod. http://www.tcparts.com/ http://www.rdiperformance.com/
  22. Jeff-Used the 2.5 kit with link enclosed. Our cars are wider by about 4 inches so when I trimed the pipe to install a Catco 2.5 straight thru cat, I used the pipe I cut off to connect the front pipe to the rear. A good local muffler shop will have no problems. Also when I ordered mine Cindy had Stainless in the 2.5. Thats what I purchased. http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=32&ProductID=598 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=32&ProductID=90 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=32&ProductID=697 http://www.fwdperformance.com/Store/Product.asp?IDCatalog=32&ProductID=85
  23. Jeff-Mine does the same things. Nothing like 17 MPG using 93 octaine. Did you upgrade the exhaust to releave back pressure? I put on a 2.5 system from FWD. Also put the 2.5 on my sons 3 liter T/C. It sounds sooo much better than mine. But he's used to seeing me wave and the back of my bald head. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  24. Don't just move the blow off valve, replace it. Rick Diago at RDI has a kit that sources the BOV from a Porsche 911T. It works well with just a little release sound. Cindy at FWD has a kit that uses a polished BOV that CART uses that when releasing will scare small children. Both do the job 100% better than stock. 20 years of R&D will do that. http://www.rdiperformance.com/ http://www.fwdperformance.com/ http://www.turbosunleashed.com/
  25. If you go to this web site, put in 1989-1990 Maserati, in the pull down menu it will give you the choice of T/C Chrysler. This will give you the paint code for the T/Cs. It will even give you a code for a color that was listed but not produced in Italy. I have used most colors of these paints and they have been spot-on. http://www.paintscratch.com/
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