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  1. It is part of a gentleman's collection in the pacific northwest.

    A few years ago while driving to the TC nationals, he fell asleep at the wheel on the highway. We he woke up -he and the car were UNDER an 18 wheelers trailer at about 70 mph.

    He saved the car and got out from under the trailer. The A pillar and a few other scratches was the extant of the damage as I recall.

    It was repaired. I have seen the car and it is quite stunning.

  2. I don't know where you live,but here in central Florida I have three places that rebuild fwd axles. The last I had done were $150 for the pair with a 3 year warranty. They looked brand new when they got done. Any mechanic worth his salt will know a local rebuilder. With all the FWD and 4WD's on the road-these rebuilders are out there. Look on line or yellow pages-you know that paper thing called a book-for a good local driveshaft shop.

  3. Hey Sue---The headlight problem you have is not a wire problem. It's the headlight switch. It works with carbon plates that ware out over time. I've had to replace all of mine. They get so bad the current will jump between the switch and you will smell a burning smell. It is available at all Chrysler dealers as it was used in the Daytona,minivan, and most Mopar cars of the era. It can be a pain to replace because it is riveted in place. You have to drill out the rivets in a small place to get it out.



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