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  1. I had a boss years ago that was telling me about the new tv he recently purchased. "What brand is it?" I asked him. "Magnabox" he replied proudly.
  2. My first new car was a 1967 Pontiac Catalina convertible. I wanted to place the order with a four-speed, but the salesman said that you could only order a 4 speed with bucket seats. I wanted a bench seat ( I was a young man and had plans) so I opted for a 3 speed, with a Hurst floor mounted shifter. That evening, the salesman called to say that he checked and I could indeed have a 4 speed with a bench seat. I told him to submit the order as it was and give me power steering to make up the difference. What an unusual car that was! It had the 4bbl carb and duals. I only kept it two years becaus
  3. 1953 Ford Customline Club Sedan.
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