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  1. Hey Rolf ;What is The Answer on the Brake Cables ??
  2. Here Is TWO SOURCES for 6 volt Pos Grd Alternaters .. Both Have Web Sites ...NU-REX,Akron ,Ohio Phone 330-784-5334 E-Mail www.nurex.com MIKES AFORDABLE, Maysville, Ga. Phone 707-652-5334 E-Mail www.mikes-afordable.com Hope This Info Helps ..There is A lot more sources out there..CH
  3. ian418

    Lost Keys

    AMH; I don't know where you live but Almost Every City has a Lock Smith that can come and Pick and Unlock the Door For you ..He will also Be Able to make a Key For That Lock and The Ignition Lock .. Although it May cost You a Few Dollars , in The Long Run It will Cost Less Than Replacing A Lock when It's almost Impossible To Find !! It's certainly a Route I Would Take ..There Are Also KEY BLANKS Avaiable ..Jesser Keys in Akron Ohio Has Them ..
  4. Would it Be Advisable to use 85/90 gear Oil in The water Pump Reservior or A Synthetic Gear Gear Oil...??
  5. Should the Bronze Bushing have a hole or some other means in which it gets Lubricated from the Oil Reserve where the Oilers are On the Pump..??
  6. Have You Checked With ROLF ? He might Them.!!!!!
  7. See "Biggarmike" "BIGGER" is BETTER !! And it comes in White !! I Suppose They are "SPECIAL ORDER" Only..
  8. Glenn; I have used, and there are Available "6 Volt Positive Ground Alternaters" available on the Market. I would Have a Talk with your Supplier or Look in the Supplier Section of "Hemmings".. I have used Them on Both Ford and Chrysler Products..The ones I have used are converted "GM" Alternaters and They Work Quite Well..
  9. On Your Overdrive Question ; I would like to suggest that You Go to the 'Scources Page' And go to EARLE BROWNS Add And Open his Catalogue .. On Page 4 down about 3/4 of the way He lists a Pamplet ie; The Overdrive By Borg Warner; which covers 41-48 LZ/LC Overdrives . I have One ,it Has 16 Pages ,Cost $15.00, and is Well Worth the money...It answers A lot Of Questions When You Have a Problem or Just Want Information..
  10. I had one Made At ANTIQUE AUTO BATTERY in HUDSON Ohio ,...THEY Have the Correct CASE with the Correct LOGO ..THEY have A Web Site .. If you Cannot get it on The Internet let Me Know and I will get You the Info...CH...
  11. DANNY ;; Where at in OHIO ... I'm in YOUNGSTOWN...CH
  12. THANKS V12....NOW I'LL ORDER ONE ....C.H.
  13. The Three Leg Puller is still Avaiable from anyone Selling K D Tools. THey list it AT $149 At TOOL SCOURCE which is TOO high in Price...I Bought One From A TOOL VENDOR at an AUTO SWAP MEET for $65 two Years ago..It Was new,in Box,KD PART # KD2251...
  14. I have One Of the " Three Arm " hub Pullers, but I Don't think it will Work on the "EARLIER" Hubs ,The Arms Won't Spread Out Enough On the Early Hubs to Reach The Wheel Lug Studs...I Have a 41 and it Works Fine on It, The Wheel Lug Studs are Closer To the Hub than The Earlier Years... C.H.
  15. V12Bill,How About Letting Us Know The Part Number On The gasket Set When You Get It From AUTO ZONE and also if it's FEL PRO's Part Number Or AUTO ZONE's Part Number...And Your OPINION On The Gasket Set Per See !!! THanks in Advance ,,,...CH
  16. Hello " 41Zclub cpe " .. Has Your E-Mail Address Changed Along With Your NEW Membership Name ??????
  17. Is There Some one With A Pair Of Water Pump Cores Out There Willing To Sell them So I can Get 'SKIP' To Rebuild Them .... I Have A 41 Continental ...Please E-Mail me AT.. CHamm01@sceinet.com
  18. ROLF; Somehow I've managed to lose your E-Mail address.. If You could E-Mail me I have Some Info to Pass On to You.. My E-Mail Address --- CHamm01@sceinet.com ,, Then I Will get Your E-Mail address From Your Message .. THanks.. C.H.
  19. MIKE;; Sorry I can't Help You with Your question... However I Have A Question ie; Where did You Acquire The HEADS and MANIFOLD , I have Been In the Market For INFO on those Item For Some Time Now .. I would Appre- ciate Any Help You could Pass My Way ..You Can E-Mail Me At The Following Address....CHamm01@sceinet.com Thank You For any Info You might Have ...CH
  20. Bullettnose,; Is It Possible that the head number is ;26H6049 or 26H6050? If it is One of these numbers And it's cast Iron I beleive it's For a 1942 And Up to a 1948... Someone Correct Me If I'm Wrong ... CH
  21. I Have A Differant Number For Kearney Pattern Works ...The Number I have IS;;408-293-7414 .. I also have a Fax Number ;;408-293-1895 ..Their Web Site Shows A Contact Person ;;JON SCOBEL .... I Have Not Tried These Numbers Yet So i'm Not sure of their accuracy .I just Thought I would pass them along....CH
  22. DIZ,,,,The Heads I Sent Rolf Information on Was For Polished Aluminun Heads.,Not FINNED ALUMINUM HEADS.. I Realize You Probably Got SNOWED in This Past Weekend But Don't CRITICIZE Before Checking .. If YOU go to the Following web site www.mft-usa.com You Can Find a Lot of info on castings avaiable.. You can VIEW Pictures Of Loncoln Heads AS Well AS Other Automotive Products This Company Makes ... Be sure To Click On (NEXT) At The Bottom Of Each Page To View All of their Products .. Hope This Is Of Interest to You ....Clarence
  23. Perhaps Zephyr41 Could Post The Address or Phone Number For Whoever is Going To Cast The Finned Heads And (or) The Triple Intakes.. Or Their E-Mail Address... It Would Be Much Appreciated ...
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