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  1. "Gone West" is a phrase adopted by aviators to describe their final flight toward the setting sun. I know Dad had many friends in the LZOC who would want to know that Dad made that flight in the early afternoon of January 21st. He was very proud of his time as a Marine Corps aviator in WWII and Korea. He loved restoring his two Lincoln Zephyrs and the many, many friendships he made as a member of the club. Services will likely be this Saturday or Sunday in Green Valley, AZ. In lieu of flowers, I'm sure Dad would love if you made a donation to the Lincoln Motorcar Heritage Foundation. He was ve
  2. The auction description is as follows: A 1941 Navy Blue Lincoln Continental Zephyr 2-door sedan, with South Carolina plate 886PYP The auction also includes a wide assortment of clothing that would be appropriate if the above car has been "pimped."
  3. A local collector in a suburb of Fort Worth will be auctioning most of his collection in April. Included is a very nice appearing '37 LZ two-door sedan. I thought there may be interest here if for nothing other than watching for the results. Here's the link: RM Auction
  4. There's something very familiar looking... Little doubt it is going to be stunning!
  5. Cecil, Have you tried contacting my Dad in this regard? It seems to me he had pictures of just about everything on his Coupe both pre and post restoration. Now, <span style="text-decoration: underline">finding</span> them may be another story! Best Wishes, Craig Thorson
  6. New show on the Discovery Channel - "Pimp My Zephyr!"
  7. I thought some of you would appreciate an update on the status of the two LZ's restored and formerly owned by my Dad, Roy Thorson. The 1936 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe-Sedan that Lincoln Mercury purchased to help promote the reintroduction of the LZ name (though that lasted only one year) has now been donated to the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation and will be on display at the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. LINK Dad and all of us are extremely happy to see this come about as Dad was hopeful that the LMCF would be the eventual recipient of ownership. The 1937 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe that Da
  8. Yep. Heard from Dad via email and he is somewhat stunned at the price of his former ride. It's considerably more than what he sold it for so he could concentrate on the '36 Coupe Sedan - that's for sure! I'll always have fond memories of taking the '37 onto the interstate near Green Valley, Arizona; shifting into overdrive and effortlessly cruising at 70 mph! The last time I saw the car was at the St. Louis meet in 2000. Jerry Capizzi was more than gracious in posing it next to Dad's '36 so I could capture pictures of "Dad's" two Zephyrs together. Great memories! The last we heard on the '36 w
  9. Dad and I had a great time visiting the Chicago Auto Show and the 1936 Coupe Sedan he so lovingly restored. The car is now owned by Lincoln Mercury and is being used to help promote the new 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. They appear to be taking great care of the car and it is truly a big draw for the crowd. The car will also be appearing at the upcoming auto shows in Cleveland and NYC. I thought you folks would enjoy a few pictures... Found the promotional video featuring Dad's former ride. PromoVideoLink Skip the intro if you like and then select "1936 Zephyr" and "Discover More" from t he men
  10. Since Dad (Roy Thorson) hasn't registered here as yet, I thought I'd post the following link to a video of Dad's former '36 Coupe Sedan at the Detroit Auto Show. web page Once on this page, select "show videos" and then use the pull down menu to select "Lincoln" to view the video. Dad sold the car to Lincoln Mercury for their use in promoting the new LZ. It is hoped the car will end up with the Lincoln Foundation once the promotions are finished. Dad and I hope to visit the Chicago Auto Show in February to visit the Coupe Sedan. Craig Thorson
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