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  1. Otahuhu

    Dwell Angle

    What is the dwell angle and rev setting speed for a twin ignition 1929 Stutz What is the correct tdc mark on the fly wheel Brian
  2. have a look on e-bay as there are Auburn made thrust bearings for sale 3 inch OD by 2 inch bore Regards
  3. What you have is a Borg and Berg 11Q These were used on a number of vehicles eg 1928 Stutz The bearing is a carbon one maybe a later had a roller Thrust Bearing eg 1929 Stutz There are clutch holders that with a bit of modification can be used The hinge pins if worn can be repaired(turned down) then pressing on the inner race of a needle bearing RegardsLen
  4. Have a look on web site prewar cars under Oldsmobile parts Some early motors for sale suggest you contact person as he may have other motors Good Luck Len
  5. Good you found an oil you like. Suggest you drop the diff out and have a look at the condition of the Worm Wheel you maybe in for a surprised as to what you find. Hope it does not have deep scuffed out marks across the matting face of the of the worm. GOOD LUCK Len
  6. As a Stutz owner do not use any oil that contains Sulphur as it will eat the bronze wheel Oil used originally was camphor I use Penrite Transoil 140 that is designed for use in non ferrous bronze worm wheels In the past have stripped a number of Timken worm diffs to find wrong oil used with bronze wheel eaten away
  7. HI I note the good machining you have carried out well done. I trust you have used an Aluminum Bronze in all of your yellow metal work, using brass or bronze will not end up with the end result you were looking when placed in use Regards
  8. Sometime ago a Mr HWELLENS posted details on leaf spring settings If available could he post settings for 1920 to 1925 for Stutz cars of that period Thanks
  9. If available could someone post leaf spring technical settings for both front and back leaf spring for 1920 to 1925 for the models of Stutz over that period Thanks Len
  10. Otahuhu

    Starter Drive

    What is the part number for a replacement bendix drive on a 1929 Model M Stutz starter motor?
  11. Are there any issues using a flamethrower coil with an external ballast on a points distributor ?
  12. Otahuhu

    Ignition Coils

    Are there two different design of coils made for a points distributor ? One design of coil for use on a non ballast system? Another designed type of coil for a ballast system only ? Does the ballast resistance matter for a high voltage coil? What is the electrical circuit drawing for a foot operated Starter motor with a twin ignition distributor with two coils using an external mounted ballast for each coils? They feed into the same distributor cap The car is a twin shark plug motor
  13. Hello Thank you for the reply regarding the Detroit gearbox The 1929 Stutz had fitted to the gearbox what they called a Noback The idea was to stop you rolling back on a hill. Not a good design worked a bit like a sprag clutch. Good when new with a bit of wear they jam up I have a 1929 Stutz four speed gearbox but is missing the gear lever and the handbrake lever and parts? Was the identical levers and parts used on the Franklin? Any chance of a photo of the Franklin box? Regards Len
  15. Did Franklin use a Detroit 4 speed gearbox as used on the 1929 Stutz? Also did franklin use a gemmer series 215 steering box? Any picture of a detroit box if used Thanks Len