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  1. Jonathan Miller

    1918 Bearcat Starter Motor

    Thanks for the input, Layden and Ivan. The starter is currently away being repaired. I'll post up some pictures when it returns.
  2. Jonathan Miller

    1918 Bearcat Starter Motor

    Wise words, Bud. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Jonathan Miller

    1918 Bearcat Starter Motor

    The starter motor on our Bearcat has decided to eat itself in fine style. Can anyone help by pointing me in the direction of someone who may have spares or even a replacement unit? Thanks in advance...
  4. Jonathan Miller

    Stutz on Chasing Classic cars

    The episode is on Discovery Turbo several times this week in the UK. Do a google search on it to get the exact times,. According to my father, it's very good. Are you out and about this year, Stutz in the UK? Our Bearcat will be competing at VSCC Curborough, Shelsley Walsh, Harewood, Prescott and Loton Park, and racing at VSCC Oulton Park and Mallory Park. If you go to any of those events, come and say hello, as there aren't many of us Stutz people in England!
  5. Jonathan Miller

    1918 Bearcat - Brake Drum Removal

    Hi folks. Thanks for the responses. We got a long enough hub puller in the end and got them off like that.
  6. Jonathan Miller

    1918 Bearcat - Brake Drum Removal

    Hi folks, does anyone have any ideas on how to remove the rear brake drums on the above car? I'm presuming that we'll have to make up a puller of some description, but any tips or pointers will be gratefully received.
  7. Jonathan Miller

    1918 Bearcat Engine Block problems

    Thanks edinmass. The block has already been stitchwelded, hence why we're now thinking that something else (too much compression seems the most likely) is causing the cracking. Attached is a picture as requested. Hope it's of interest!
  8. Jonathan Miller

    1918 Bearcat Engine Block problems

    Thanks for the replies, folks. The engine in question is a monobloc, so doesn't have a cylinder head as such. The crack, which I will get a picture of, has occured on the cylinder top. Directly above the cylinder tops is a large water gallery. One line of thought is that the pistons are the wrong shape and are causing too much compression. They are domed and I *think* that they should be flat topped. Anyone have any ideas on their correct shape? I could really do with knowing the compression height - the measurement between the centre line of the wrist pin and the top of the piston. Maybe Jay Leno would let me take his apart and measure them
  9. Jonathan Miller

    1918 Bearcat Engine Block problems

    We have a problem with the block on our 1918 Bearcat. It has a crack on the water jacket, causing water to leak into the cylinder. Is this a common problem, does anyone know? We'd possibly be interested in obtaining a good replacement block, or even having one cast - does anyone have any recommendations, or indeed a spare block?
  10. Jonathan Miller

    "Brass-era" car question

    1903 60hp Grand Prix Mercedes? Rawr!
  11. Jonathan Miller

    collector car prices

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Twitch</div><div class="ubbcode-body">To anyone who is a true vintage or other auto enthusiast the value of their vehicles is of little consequence. </div></div> That's true, but I have recently been priced out of buying the car that I truly desire. In the Classic Car crash of the early nineties here in the UK, cars returned to sensible levels, and it's only recently that top top quality vintage cars started making top dollar (Vauxhall 30/98 was £75kish 3 years ago, until recently it was approx. £130k). I'm hoping that cars again return to those sensible levels, so that I can buy the dirt track racer of my dreams
  12. Jonathan Miller


    Try this for size sir... umm, no thanks SsangYong Rodius
  13. Hi folks. I'm looking for a king pin set for my 66. I've tried all the usual online sources and come up with nothing. Any ideas?
  14. Jonathan Miller

    Chrysler Six 1927

    Hi Thomas. The car looks to be a Chrysler 72, and well worth the effort of restoring. With regards to parts, it's really a case of keeping your eye on ebay, taking out the odd copy of Hemmings, and trawling the internet. The wheels look to be wrong - mine runs on wooden wheels with detachable rims. Good luck!
  15. Jonathan Miller

    1928 Chrysler 72 Shockers and ID questions

    Bill, it was good to meet you last week in Herefordshire. I finally managed to measure the wheelbase on the 72. It's approximately 122 inches (I got it to 119.5 from hub centre to hub centre), so I'm thinking that it is a standard wheelbase American model.