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  1. please direct all inquiries to: roncoinc@yahoo.com
  2. l/r tailamp ? is that the curved one on the corner or or the flat one on the trunk lid.?.email me i got bath anyway. roncoinc@yahoo.com
  3. BUT....not all the parts.. I am keeping what i deem critical to the mechanical upkeep of my good one. However i will part with most everything else..
  4. It is sold and siting in my yard here in N.H. , and when snow clears and warms a bit and i can get to it to work on it i will have a lot of parts from the TC i am going to use to fix up this one to part out.
  5. hello jon !!..it was all MY pleasure to be sure..so easy to work with and such a deal..and even delivered !.your car is so nice i am thinking i will use my car as a donor to finish yours...then the spares i can part with to cover costs..of course i will have to wait till snow melts so i can see it again after the last storm !!
  6. thank you for saving it for me !.. ok,,so am i to assume i'm not missing something.??..was just price and shipping cost ??..i dont usually get "lucky" on anything !..should i buy lottery tickets now ?? :-) ..thank you for your input,,i guess if i can get off the car what i need ,or fix it from what i have i am still in good shape and i will be happy. hopeing to learn more....tnx...
  7. was looking for parts on this forum and always saw a post for a car for sale by "slyguyO".. http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/showflat....amp;amp;fpart=1 asking $1k obo...i couldnt understand why with parts hard to get nobody jumped on this..i called him and bought the car sight unseen and am VERY happy with the condition!.i may take the parts off my car it needs and fix it,is is completely rust free and low miles and better shape than my old one !!.has a drivers seat with no rips,great tires,new exhaust,BOTH headlites,all docs,toolkit,i am even only the 3rd owner,..he understated the car greatly
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