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  1. I'm tempted except for the 2,000 miles. I have access to a press that is twice what is needed for that transmission. I'm good at making tool (machine lathe) and a synchro isn't that big a deal to one off. All it takes is insanity to buy a car with a transmission nobody can fix reasonably in the hopes of fixing it yourself. At the worst I would have to install a 555 from a turbo daytona.
  2. I'll bet Hemi is personally inspecting this one......If his wife gives him permission..... <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
  3. About the caddies. I almost tried to open one with my key one day when I wasn't paying attention. At the last minute I thought "My TC needs to go on a diet". If imitation is flattery, GM paid Iacocca a big compliment. Check out the Daimler double six flashing ad on the left of these pages. Great read. Provenance back to the factory in 1929?
  4. don't give up yet!!!! somebody is selling a Rampage in Ca I think. He calls it the Ramarati. Yes!!!the Masi engine in a Rampage. there is another link about a Shelby? Rampage in a jy out there. It's illegal to buy a junker and a perfect jy car and switch the vins though. (Don't get caught) check td.com and Tm.com for the Rampages. there is a nice 450 SL in a Pick N Pull in Ca also. I think they still have a good title on that.
  5. If it was insured, contact Extremepickup who just junked an 89 with good engine in NY NY area. It might have all the parts to resurrect yours.
  6. I would say the V6 is ok, just not the one to boost hp on. Of course it has the potential hp of the Buick Grand National, but it's largely uncharted waters. If you like 150 hp, nothing wrong with it. The problems were all straightened out long ago.
  7. I just had to resurrect this thread since I now own 2 sailboats also. 16' Rebel 1976 and unknown vintage 24' Venture for $150. They sure don't go for much at a junk car auction and it is super clean.
  8. Half correct answer. Loose nut behind the steering wheel installed a NEW hep 3 years ago and forgot to apply dielectric grease. The hep socket plugs had a nice uniform coat of verdigree. Anmd WELCOME to TIMMAY 2!!!!!!! of Turbododge. This is the Looneytuner.
  9. Well, you also have next year. He just unloaded an extra 413 with the extra clutches about a month ago for 650. Or get AAA and you can enjoy the tow truck ride home when it goes completely. I look at my cars as works in progress.
  10. I think you need the help of mechanic that knows the engine. What part of what coast are you on? There are good people scattered around. I'm sending you a private message.
  11. Codes 51 and 54 showing. The car started right up this morning.
  12. Fact. The 89 TII auto TC started cutting out when I hit bumps in the road. The tach would jump when the engine cut out. Temp was 95 Degrees. Speed 70-80. The engine would catch again if I floored it. It finally died when I went down the off ramp for the house. Hemi can send me an email to save me grief. I think I know what it is. Post your guesses. Winner gets to pay my expenses to next year's nationals. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  13. Watch out for the scammers that send you money orders for a couple thousand too much to cover shipping charges. You cash the money orders and send the balance Western Union and the bank calls you and tells you the MO's are counterfit.
  14. I wold buy it, but my wife only gives me an allowance of $30 per month. I have to spend that on her. I also need an additional 3 yacht boathouse for what I have now. Might want to list why it's not driveable other than reverse gear. Admiral Willhelm von Reichert Commodore, 1993 River Des Peres Regata <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> don't ask.....St. Louis joke
  15. Get a cheap boost gauge to check the boost in higher rpm's. I assume you can hear the turbo spooling when you wind out the engine. The Mitsu turbo runs out of spunk at higher rpms also. It is quicker spooling but what can you say? If you had new rings and bearings done, that would have been the time for the better turbo.
  16. I know he is getting ready to move. His son is more active on tc and tm.com. I'll try to get their attention. I just PM'd him on TurboMopar.com. His son takes care of the mailboxes.
  17. I thought I should post a warning. The shippers stand the fenders on end. Look at the front and rear conrners of the fender. VERY fragile. If you are shipping or receiving one, use very heavy cardboard longer than the fenderlength and duct tape it to the fender securely. the first one i bought was destroyed at the rear corner. The second was bent at the front over the headlight. The second was wrapped in an entire roll of bubble wrap and took half an hour to remove.
  18. Post on turbododge.com and turbomopar.com for a good TD mechanic. They can take care of the engine transmissions woes that might come up.
  19. the next best way to barbeque a TC is a power steering leak. :0
  20. Should have told him to glue a St. Christopher statue to the airbag in the steering wheel for protection.
  21. Just a nice drive from you in Ct. There is an easy inexpensive way to ship the transmission. I think it is a 35 gallon Rubbermaid container. They strap pack styrofoam around it, and use four straps though holes in lid and sides to keep the lid on. Cliff can give the details. His email is on the site.
  22. You might have 2 problems. For the staying full out, I had that many years ago. It was a cracked cruise housing. Not much fun when it goes to full boost while making a right turn pulling into traffic. Until you figure that part out, diconnect the vac line to the cruise and plug the line with a dowel or bolt. Or try tapping the brake next time. My cruise would only work with HIGH moisture in the air. It would seal the hairline crack.
  23. Cliff Ramsdell. http://www.mopartek.com/ As you can see by his pic on his homepage, he loves the cars more than money. the best in the country for the 413. He was also one of the first in the country to do the Quaife differential comversion in the A413. His son is also qualified on transmissions and adding power. If you can drive it there, that would be the cheapest probably, but any shop can install the transmission. I have done it myself. His standard rebuild is much more than you get at any regular shop.
  24. HMMMMMMM......So if I have problems, I can borrow parts off the Reatta in my neighbor's garage???
  25. Too many people. I like my 3 acres with 20 acres of woods behind me. Except when we get freak windstorms like last week. The five tornados weren't even noticed for several days.
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