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  1. Since I have 5 engines sitting down stairs and can't shut up anyway, I just checked. There is a light spring at the transmission end in the rubber boot. Try disconnecting the cable at the throttle body, and spraying PB Blaster down the wire to ungunk it. Just went and checked. There IS a place for spring, none on mine. The older TI mopar cars did have a return spring there. Look for older TI chryslers in "junque yard" for spring. Also PB the throttle and cruise cables. For the door insulation, try headliner material from fabric store or auto upholsterer and building plastic for the vapor barrier. It can't be worse than the original. This is the same gunk I found under the center console. Must be Italian foam. The other mopars had better foam. AND I just got a common block TII short block with forged everything for my GTS yesterday!!!!! Now I have to find the holy grail. A common block with a C on it.(made in Mexico-better casting process due to new in 89 foundry) Did "tary" go through spell check as a "gunky material" or " a lingering substance"? <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
  2. I forwarded your message to one of the "gods" of TC's. His reply follows. Hi there Ken. I can repair yours. No doubt the odometer is the thing that stopped while the speed indicator is still showing how fast you are going. It is a matter of replacing a gear in the speedometer head. I keep them in stock. My shop is in Ventura, CA Phone # 805-216-9257 Hemi... "Dr. TC"
  3. Thank you. I didn't want to lose track of your car. I will be after yours when the money comes. If it comes. If you sell it in the meantime, ..... I'll have to find another. I have gone from restoring pianos for a living to restoring cars for myself. Much more satisfying. The owner of the body shop I use, has restored pre WWII airplanes for forty years. So if most of it is there, we can make the rest. Yes, the Red Baron is parked up the block. Bill Reichert aka The Looneytuner on Turbodoge.com. And "the little old lady from Pasadena" is a customer. She started with a 53 Nash Healey but has a new Ford Jag now. Still puts the pedal to the metal.
  4. When you replace them, take loose at caliper first. Then at steel line. Turn the rubber hose wrench at the steel line. If you don't, you will be replacing the line also. Do NOT turn the flare nut on the steel line!!! The flare nut on the steel line will be corroded to the line. After you get the rubber line off, you can use PB Blaster to soak the flare nut and line if you want to loosen the flair nut. Add this to my stupid things I have done post. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
  5. OK Ghosty is on a roll. I just got a free grill insert I will donate to his cause. Only 2319 parts to go.
  6. Don't do that again! I thought I was having an LSD flashback from the sixties. No, I never took it. No, I'm not talking about limited slip differentials. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ooo.gif" alt="" />
  7. I don't know if this is what you are looking for. Just found them http://www.turboflanges.com/plugwires.JPG The link said oem. EDIT Whoops I see you have a v6
  8. vin zc2fr1106kb201343 He has the newsletters so should be a member. pianotuner@cdinc.net I have attached a picture of car and house.
  9. When I was 18, I went to help somebody with an electrical short under the hood. I was holding the hood with one hand and yanking on the cables with the other. Never trust a panicked person to hold the hood for you. He dropped it right on my head. When I was 20, I leaned my hand against an automatic garage door track and my fingers were curled inside when somebody opened the door. Two nights ago, I finally checked the new gauges in a car that sat for four years. I should have pinched the fuel hoses that were unhooked. Floor squeege, and explosion proof exhaust fan came in handy. Now it is everybody else's turn to confess. Oh, my dentist almost cooked greatgrandma Busch's (as in Anheuser Busch)39 Packard Phaeton after restoring it.He crossed some wires. Hemi's turn to confess.
  10. Well, it was 70 in St. Louis yesterday and I installed a REAL TII computer. Took it for a test drive. That wasn't the best moment. It was just a little faster in boost. It will probably be when I install a "D valve" A WHAT? It is a plumbing valve you install right before the throttle body that opens to atmosphere under vacuum so you don't have to wait through the turbo lag. You get more go from stop and the turbo spools faster. My 89 automatic feels like it wants to play at 70 mph plus.
  11. I picked up one more bit of info on the instruments. There are two sets of wires set in plastic that flex. Sometimes the solder connections from the circuit board to the wires goes bad and need to be resoldered. From what I have read since your first post, you most likely just have a bad ground connection. As long as the panel is going to be out, the odometer gears all go bad. You might as sell get a new set of gears and replace them also. The links for buying the gears and installing are.http://www.backesfamily.com/TCProjects/ and http://www.odometergears.com/ It might be a good idea to call a salvage yard here and get a replacement unit from a similar chrysler dodge and send it to the mechanic so he can see the unit as he reads the directions. This "practice" unit has different colors but should relieve his anxiety about going into uncharted waters on a customer's car.
  12. 1. What years would you recommend for purchase? What, if any, years would you recommend I avoid? Why? I would go for the four cylinder engine. Automatic or manual. You can do a lot to boost performance without altering car. 2. Any particular mechanical or electronic problems the cars are prone to develop? If so, what age or mileage do they usually develop these problems? You are familiar with the Teves brakes. Everything else is fixable with a good mechanic that knows mopar turbos. 3. I'd like to get one with a factory airbag. Do these systems have any unique problems? Not sure. I have 89 without airbag. 4. Any special appearance items that develop? I've already read about the portholes that seem to want to crack or fog. Anything else? No plastic fenders like reatta. My fiberglass top has cracking at front edge which is to be expected with sharp edge in fiberglass. Portholes are fixable just an annoyance. 5. Any particular parts becoming hard to find? Right front headlight. Buy protectors from this club. 6. What is the one problem that would cause you to walk away from a used TC for sale if you saw this problem on the car for sale? My funeral, but I don't think I would be walking. 7. And now, the BIG question for any convertible: Are they water-tight in the rain, or do they all leak? If so, where should I look for the leaks? Are the parts (weatherstripping, etc.) available to fix the leaks? Windshield leak, five minutes fix. I know the Buick Reattas and their problems. I've also owned a '95 Lebaron convertible, and a lot of the time I wished I still had it. My neighbor offered me a Reatta in PERFECT condition for half blue book and I passed after reading about the touch screens and plastic fenders. Thanks for your help. I just posted on the Yahoo site that my 1978 Massey Ferguson garden tractor is going for more than a lot of TCs. I don't think the buying is going to get better than right now. It is a LOT more gracefull than the Reatta with the top down. (I'm sorry abut the all caps Dot, but sometimes they ARE needed.)
  13. If your car was made without the "genuine imitation authentic plastic wood grained trim" you are fortunate. As one who loves wood, I am tempted to remove the original and carefully pack it in a box and make my own exotic wood trim that is worthy of the rest of the car.
  14. Check the attackment on my last post in the thead "another slap in the face". I bought this one. It's not Shelby or TC, but I have 3 already and know how to work on them. It has every option plus the ground effects that are worth the price of the car and is 800 miles closer. I still have my eye on a 16 valve TC that is 400 miles away and driveable with perfect interior.
  15. We saved it for you. I live in Mo. and it was 1200 last I talked to him. Plus it would have cost 500 to ship. Congrats on your good luck.
  16. Thanks. Attached is a picture of what I'm bringing back and working on now. It's not a tc but it is Mopar. I'm getting confused on my restorations. TC plus 4 Lebaron GTS 1 85 stock, 3 87's from stock to 300hp to 400 hp. I picked up a REAL 89 TII computer for the tc. 175hp instead of 160hp
  17. I hereby genuinely apologize!!!! I had to re-register thus the different name. I'm still waiting for an apology from someone in Switzerland that slammed Italian cars. Actually Ralph Nader should have attacked the Beetle. I had several friends that rolled them. I also had the thrill of driving a Renault Dauphine on 2 wheels at 50 mph. They had leather straps to keep the real axle from flipping under. Ah the French. Oh Oh now I am in trouble with somebody else.
  18. If this is not an acceptable post please delete. My nephew will be dragging an empty car trailer behind 12 mpg diesel truck to Ann Arbor Mi. from St. Louis in Feb. to pick up car for me. A 16 valve in Terre Haute In. that didn't meet a 6,800 reserve on Ebay is still listed at JerryLewismotors.com. He is asking more but should take the 6,800 reserve he had. It is Cabernet, burgundy.
  19. oh oh! <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> Where are you? RF head light can cost $500. You will get further posts from the people that stock parts
  20. I just found this link when checking for info on Buick Reattas. It has a LOT of info on the Teves brakes. http://www.reatta.net/brakes/brakes_basics.html
  21. PS I was looneytuner and Bill Reichert but my login was messed up so I just reregistered as looneytuner2 and Willhelm Reichert to avoid the headache of figuring out what went wrong. I am not a new member but an old member with new id. (great grandfather's name)
  22. I am making arrangements for payment and pickup. Please email me directly pianotuner@cdinc.net. I need your address and phone # Bill Reichert St. Louis, Mo.
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