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  1. Im looking for a hood for a 1962 Ford Galaxie 2 dr hardtop.Thanks
  2. I would buy a bead roller and make my own.I did it on my 62 galaxie restoration.Bead roller,mig welder and patience.
  3. I bought a y block distributor from NAPA and the distance from the bottom of the gear to the end of the shaft is exactly 1 inch.Is the long enough to engage the oil pump drive?thanks Mike
  4. completely restored rust-free xl.everything mechanical is new or rebuilt.390 v8 holley 4 bbl carb new brakes lines etc,car is white.7 year restoration completed in 2007.rebuilt engine,cruise0matic tranny ,new tires.over 15,000 invested.best offer.mike e mail for pics mikhett@optonline.net.
  5. Im selling a brand new shiny chrome 56 ford fairlane airplane hood ornament.bought new dont need it cost me 160.will sacrifice 140 plus the ride.Mike
  6. Thanks Lou.PPG concept I plan on using that on my 62 ford galaxie.It will be Wimbledon White.Did you cut and buff? Thanks Mike
  7. WOW! I cant believe it.I threw my non working unit in the trash.Mike
  8. Hi Southpaw,What brand of paint did you use.? Was it single stage or bc/cc.Thanks Mike
  9. Will the trunk and fenders from a 53 merc fit a 54.Both are 2dr hts.Thanks
  10. GREAT JOB!Rick.Im restoring a 1962 ford galaxie xl from the ground up .Ive been at it for 3yrs now almost done.It will be painted corinthian white(original color).Did you paint yours in base/clear or single stage? Thanks Mike
  11. I bought a repo steel (galvanized)54 merc tank from AUTO CITY CLASSICS ISANTI MN. Cost me 275.00 with a new sender. Im very happy! Mike
  12. I just dropped my tank and it was rotted around the sending unit area.Will a 54 ford fit? Are they being repo'ed? Thanks Mike
  13. This may be a dumb ? but i cant seem to get the inner alum headlight ring out from the outer sheetmatal ring. I see 3 spring clips but when i squeeze them together and trey to remove thru the front they get stuck on the outer lip. HELP, Thanks
  14. My front x member behind the rad is rotted and i need to replace it.There is no engine or trans in the car. I need to rebuild the frt end so should replace the x -member first?I dont have a torch but i have a 220v mig welder and grinder with grinding wheelS so i can cut out the x member.I will also have to cut the gussets from the x-member and reweld them.Has anyone ever done this? Thanks Mike
  15. These exh manifolds came off a 66 390 fairlane gt.They will fit fairlanes mustangs and galaxies with the ford fe 352-390 428 cylinder heads. excellent condition no craclks 175.00Email Mikhett@optonline.net
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