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  1. Until just a few months ago I had a complete compound carb setup for the 248 CID engine.. I sold the setup to a fellow in Portland. Other than the fuel line distribution plumbing, the rest of the assembly appeared to be stock. The carbs were Stomberg Aero's. I have attached a couple of pix that might be of some value to you...Bill
  2. You did not say in your listing what series of Buick parts you are looking for... From your avatar I would assume that you are looking for Special/Century parts.??? I have a lot of '40 Buick parts for a 50 series, Super, 4dr sdn. I also have several sets of front fender parking lights... All series of '40 Buicks used the same light....Bill
  3. I restored a '63 Chevy Nova SS conv many years ago... The bucket seats had been replaced with seats from a Pinto..Yuck Original bucket seats for the '62-64 Nova's are very hard to come by... Doing some checking I found that GM used the same bucket seats regardless what marque, big or small chassis. I found a Buick Wildcat that had a perfect set of black seats, the pair cost me $50.00. I changed the mounting tracts from Buick to Chevy Nova and bolted the seats into the car.. Later on I found out that the only difference between the Buick and Nova seats was a chrome band around the back cushion.... Bill
  4. I have been gathering parts and working on this car for nine years. I am having to down size my work area which means some cars are going to be sold. The 40 Buick is an arrow straight unmolested car that has only been repainted once. There were a few rust out issues, in the trunk area and the right hand rocker.. All of this has been repaired with original GM parts by a master craftsman. All of the stainless trim is in near perfect condition. I have a NOS stock chrome grille, NOS trnk handle assy, tail light assy/lens and very nice fender marker lights. Plus many other parts I have gathered up. The chassis is currently stock, engine is stuck. I have a completely rebuilt/blue printed 401 CID nail head, bored +.60 w/improved cam and many refinements. I also have a '66 ST400 trans, completely rebuilt. It was my intention to convert the chassis to tube shocks using 55-56 frnt control arms, 51-52 Roadmaster frnt brakes, '65 Riv rear end geared to 3.25, using 63-73 Chevy pickup trailing arms..... All of which I have. I have over $14,000. invested in the car with all the parts I have purchased... The only way I will part it out is by selling the car complete, with extra fenders/ doors, etc. I will sell the engine/trans/diff, etc., separate, as a complete package... The car has a clear Calif title, is registered and on non-op. Email me for more info, pix... Bill
  5. Hi, I am looking for a rear end for a '64/65 Riviera.. I actually only need all of the parts except the housing, however, it would probably be easier to just buy the whole thing. A mech was working on my differential, he left town with all of my parts. Let me know what you have and the price... email wmsteed@ix.netcom.com
  6. I did not realize that I had joined this forum in 2005 until I made my "introduce yourself" a few minutes ago... Hmmm... My how time does go by when your having fun.. Bill
  7. I have fostered an on going interest in Buick's since I was a kid. My father usually drove Chevy's so I migrated to Chevrolet for my first four cars, never really had a good reliable Chevy until I stuck a 270 GMC into a '38 2dr in 1951.. That thing would out run anything in Eastern Idaho until a kid in Pocatello put an Olds Rocket in his '36 Ford. In 1951 several of us guys from Eastern Idaho took a '40 Buick Century coupe to Bonneville Speed Week... The guys from So Cal laughed at us, six carbs on a 320 straight 8 engine and "World Famous Potatoes" on the license plates. We became the spud busters. They sang a different tune when the car set a record.... We were untouchable when Hot Rod Magazine did a feature article about the car in the Nov, 51 issue. In later years I purchased several new Buick's starting in 1976. In 2000 the old Buick bug bite me, I purchased a very nice '40 Buick Super 4dr sdn. The car was unmolested, however, the engine was stuck... I decided to upgrade the power train with components from a '65/66 Rivera. We could not find a good 425 so we bored a 401 out to 413. The trans is a ST400, 65 Riv rear end, 51 Roadmaster front brakes, 55-56 Buick upper control arms and '51-52, 605 GM steering gear box, tilt column and Roadmaster wheels. The consul from the '65 Riv fit in the car like it was made for the car. If I ever get the car done it should be a nice ride... Bill
  8. I have a friend that is planning on removing the original V8 & AT from his 53 spl HT, he is going to put a *%*454 in the car. The car is in So. Cal.
  9. I have found that the easiest way to convert the power plant from an inline engine to a V8 is to find the same year vehicle with the engine you want, buy the complete car and part it out, you will then have all the mounts, brackets, etc., required to complete the change over. If you just try to purchase an engine you will have all kinds of issues to deal with. I am putting a 425 Buick nail head in my '40 Super, I purchased a '66 Riv to get all the pieces I would need....
  10. I have used the Pertonix ignition conversions for years in everything from boats to various cars. The one thing you have to be careful about is to make sure you use the right module and correct coil. I usually call Pertronix tech line and get the correct application for the vehicle I am working on. The only trouble I have ever had with the Pertronix conversion is because someone did not follow the directions that came with the unit.... Bill
  11. Hi Paul, Good talking to you this morning... I will take $200. for the diff and drive shaft... I will be at the Pomona Swap on Mar. 7, not as a vendor, just as a looker. If we can make a deal I could bring the parts with me to Pomona. My phone is 805 657-0094... email wmsteed@ix.netcom.com Bill
  12. I have a complete fan to rear axle/chassis assy. that I am parting out. The body was refitted to a later chassis for a street rod. The engine/trans/diff are complete as are the springs/shocks. I hate to put the parts in the recycle bin so if you need pulley's, manifolds, transmission, etc., speak up.
  13. Hi, Just what are you looking for in a grille? FYI, all of the '40 Buicks used the same grille. I have an original cast grille that has minor pitting and one crack which can be repaired by a good welder. Price...... $300. plus s/h Contact me for pic. I am located in SoCal Bill
  14. Moores in Rapid City, SD is great. They have a lot of '65 and older cars... Good supply of Buicks and Mopars. A lot of people think Moore's is a little spendy, however, they have good parts and/or complete cancer free cars. Freemans in Whitehall, MT (fremansauto@bigplanet.com) is a very large yard with lots of pre '65 cars. Neil can be a little abrupt but I have found him to be fair on his prices. If you get to either of these yards tell them Bill Steed said hi. I have purchased cars and/or parts from both yards during the past eleven years.
  15. A friend of mine is in the middle of doing a chassis swap on a 52 Buick Special HT. He is using an early 80's Chevy chassis with a 454 engine. This project has turned out to be the project from hell... The chassis had to be sectioned to shorten it up then the rear portion of the Buick chassis had to be added to the Chevy frame so the bumper could be attached. Notches had to be cut into the body in the rear seat area to clear the frame. The list of modifications to the frame and body go on and on. I for one can not understand why people think they have to cut up a perfectly good car/chassis, when with just a few simple modifications, the original chassis can be up-graded to larger brakes and/or disk with improved shocks and a nail head engine. My friend has picked up another '52 Special HT. He is going to get the "abortion" running and sell it to some unsuspecting citizen, then build the second '52 the right way.