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  1. The survey of my '38 is complete. The car needs a complete brake job and it needs new engine/trans mounts.. I have found a source for all of the parts, however, there is a core charge/or exchange required for most of the brake parts. I have been a little reluctant to take the car apart, then wait for the new parts to arrive so that the re-assembly can move forward. My problem was solved on Thursday: I am in the process of relocating my Hobby Shop into a larger location, in the process I came upon a large crate of '40 Buick parts that I forgot I had. The parts came from a '40 Buick coupe t
  2. Niel, Can't say I ever saw your '41 Super around town. Several years ago there was a maroon '41 Sedanet that an owner of a body shop had. I came close to buying a Maroon 41 Century Sedanet in Idaho several years ago. Two things stopped me, it did not have the compound carbs and the twin spotlights were dummies.. At the time I had a complete compound carb setup for the Special, Super 248 engine. I wish I had kept the carp setup, it would have looked pretty neat on my '38.. I came close to buying a '38 Century coupe in Idaho over ten years ago that had the compound carbs on the 320 engine.
  3. Thank you Mark & Niel for the suggestions and product info. I am a little reluctant to cut the terminals off of the wire, might cause a problem loosing a half inch of wire. At this point I think I will try to salvage the original terminals, put heat shrink on the wire and re-attach the terminal. I'll make sure I have a hand full of replacement offset terminals just in case the original ones are not re-useble. I like the heat shrink better than liquid because it would impart an original look to the wire. The one previous repair using friction tape is pretty lame looking. I had the previ
  4. I have found new wheel cylinders available locally and sleeved master cylinders on an exchange basis. The vendor even has rebuilt motor mounts on the shelf on an exchange basis... The availability of parts locally will speed up the repair process. In the back of my mind I still recall the principle of doing things right the first time, that was preached to us by the instructors, when I went through mechanics school in the early '50's. Through the course of reviewing the the '38 I noted that some of the wiring in the engine compartment, mainly on the voltage regulator, has some problems
  5. I have spent the past four days since the car arrived doing an extensive survey of the car. This car is not my first rodeo, been messing with cars since I was fourteen, most Chevy's and Fords with a '39 Plym and a '40 Buick Super thrown into the mix for because they became available. As I have stated earlier, it has been claimed that the car was owned by the first owner for forty years, the second for forty years and the last for a little over two. I can find nothing to dispute the claim (s) that the paint, upholstery, chrome, etc., is original. All of the glass has the Guide bug in the lowe
  6. I just received a '38 Buick Spl, 2dr sdn, the car had two owners over a 80 year span, the last owner had the car for a little over two years. The car was sold to me as being an unmolested, well maintained survivor, which the condition of the car supports. A review of the trunk area revealed an original spare tire and wheel, along with what appears to be a complete set of factory tools. I noted a brown jute like material bound with a brown material on the edges that covered the left and right side of the truck. The material fits the body very well... See attached pix.
  7. After a wait of over three weeks my incredible 38 Buick showed up on Thursday. Buying this car was a very big leap or faith in human nature. I found the car in an ad in Hemmings, it was located in the Denver area. I called the man that listed the car, had a very nice conversation with him about the car. The seller answered all of my questions with straight forward answers, then followed up with pictures of any areas of the car that I asked about. Common sense told me to go to Denver and look at the car, however, with the Covid thing getting out of hand, I decided to jump on the car. A dea
  8. Gary W.. Thank you for for the link to the restoration of your '37. I am hoping that the '38 I bought will only need some TLC, the car is well documented with only 47K showing on the odometer. Entries in the Owners Manual show that the car was not registered from 1941 to 1945. An indication that the car was out of service during the war years. The original owner, a woman, bought the car new in Kansas City, kept it until 1970, then sold it to the next owner who kept the car until 2017. The second owner did not make any entries into the Owners Manual. The third owner had the car i
  9. Hi Ken, I recall doing work on a '39-41 GM rear end in the mid 50's, can't remember exactly why but I do recall that it was not an easy job. Getting the axles out of the housing required removing a block between the axle ends, once this block was removed the axle (s) could be pushed in which allowed the removal of a C clip, then the axle could be removed. The re-assembly required a dial indicator set up on the axle housing to get the proper alignment, back lash, of the gears, etc. Wm.
  10. I was a member of the BCA in the early 2000's and from time to time made contributions to the pre-war and or modified forums regarding a '40 Buick Super 4dr I have. I recently rejoined the BCA and I joined the 36-38 Buick Club. During the time of my earlier membership in the BCA I also had a '39 Plym conv cpe that I was restoring, the '39 Plym overtook my interests at the time so the Buick went to the back burner. The Plym has been done for several years, with some progress on the '40 Buick. My original intent with the '40 Buick was to upgrade the mechanical components to a Buick 401 V8
  11. Until just a few months ago I had a complete compound carb setup for the 248 CID engine.. I sold the setup to a fellow in Portland. Other than the fuel line distribution plumbing, the rest of the assembly appeared to be stock. The carbs were Stomberg Aero's. I have attached a couple of pix that might be of some value to you...Bill
  12. You did not say in your listing what series of Buick parts you are looking for... From your avatar I would assume that you are looking for Special/Century parts.??? I have a lot of '40 Buick parts for a 50 series, Super, 4dr sdn. I also have several sets of front fender parking lights... All series of '40 Buicks used the same light....Bill
  13. I restored a '63 Chevy Nova SS conv many years ago... The bucket seats had been replaced with seats from a Pinto..Yuck Original bucket seats for the '62-64 Nova's are very hard to come by... Doing some checking I found that GM used the same bucket seats regardless what marque, big or small chassis. I found a Buick Wildcat that had a perfect set of black seats, the pair cost me $50.00. I changed the mounting tracts from Buick to Chevy Nova and bolted the seats into the car.. Later on I found out that the only difference between the Buick and Nova seats was a chrome band around the back cushion.
  14. I have been gathering parts and working on this car for nine years. I am having to down size my work area which means some cars are going to be sold. The 40 Buick is an arrow straight unmolested car that has only been repainted once. There were a few rust out issues, in the trunk area and the right hand rocker.. All of this has been repaired with original GM parts by a master craftsman. All of the stainless trim is in near perfect condition. I have a NOS stock chrome grille, NOS trnk handle assy, tail light assy/lens and very nice fender marker lights. Plus many other parts I have gathered up.
  15. Hi, I am looking for a rear end for a '64/65 Riviera.. I actually only need all of the parts except the housing, however, it would probably be easier to just buy the whole thing. A mech was working on my differential, he left town with all of my parts. Let me know what you have and the price... email wmsteed@ix.netcom.com
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