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  1. Is this the spring that broke? http://tinyurl.com/32vhuj ebay item # 180146464472
  2. These are something I need to literally keep the doors from falling off. I looked in the master chassis book from 1954, and it doesn't seem to address the 1940 Series 80 Limited. Does anyone have the Group and Part numbers for these hinges? They are external for all four doors, and the rear doors open suicide fashion. The hinges I need most are for the driver's door, and the bottom hinge is top priority. It is toast. Does anyone know of any sources? Parts need not be new, I'm just trying to regain the functionality of having the door not fall off the car. Does anyone know if any other car u
  3. Just got back from Cal with the other one. Contrary to Skip's impression, there are not enough parts between the two, to make one complete car. But it is close. And there are extra parts. There is a lot of rot in both vehicles, but they are fixable. In the picture of the 8 passenger Model 90, you can see that the rear end has slipped back, because the engine and tranny are out of the car, and the front of the torque tube is not anchored.
  4. Oh, joy. I got one. A little surface rust, but very good condition. Bare metal, as it had been media blasted. I'll have to clean it up, and paint it. Now I have a couple of Strombergs to rebuild.
  5. Living right? Not really. A storm knocked out my wireless internet service, and I wasn't able to put in a bid, before the auction ended. But, I may have just scored one. I'll let you know.
  6. That is very useful info, thanks. I will now kick myself for not going after the dual carb a/cs that I've seen available for series 40 and 50 cars. I was looking at your web log of all the stuff you did on your car. Very nice.
  7. Unfortunately, the auction ended while I was at work. I didn't get it. But, I will keep looking. Appreciate the tip. I don't know why that a/c did not show up in my ebay search.
  8. Thanks. Just what I was looking for.
  9. Yeah, the very same. Skip is repairing the sheetmetal for me on the one in primer. I'll go pick that one up in December, if he finishes paint and body by then. It will be painted a 1950 Buick color, Kashmer Green, which is the same color as Bill Stoneberg's '50 Woody. The car was originally Nightshade Blue. The 42 has a single Stromberg on it now, and I have a compound carb manifold, and carbs. I have been looking for the aircleaner, without any luck. Here's another pic of the 1940 Series 80. Lost the rear hubcap on the corduroy highway in Oklahoma, somewhere between Tulsa and Atoka. Yo
  10. I was a BCA member some 23 years ago. Working full time, raising a family, while working on a physics degree, and somehow, I managed to let my membership lapse. I've been heavy into nailheads, with a '53 roadmaster 72RX, and a '54 Special Ionia wagon, with a 322. Fredericksburg is nice. I stayed at the Hangar Hotel there last year. I'll try to drive down there after work that Friday. But, not in the ol' rustbucket. Not yet, anyways. Attached is a little something I picked up in Southern Cal last June. Series 90, Model 91, 1942.
  11. Can anyone tell me if replacement door hinges are available for this car? These are the hinges that stick out from the body, and they are severely corroded, to the point where a few have broken, and won't hold the door in proper alignment. Also, I'm looking for a gas tank, and trunk floor, and lower fender patch panels, as well as sidemount wells.
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