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  1. Hi; yes that may be as there are no internal threads like a conventional grease cap....4 1/2 outside diameter ....wonder why they would need the normal wrench part of a grease cap though?   interesting piece.  

  2. Hi; thanks I do have an upholstery guy lined up in case I get this done.  Someone gave me an address for a person in Indiana a time ago but I lost the information.....

  3. It has all 6 hard to find wire wheels.  It's a wood frame 12A ....I don't know date of motor rebuild as I bought it from an estate where that knowledge is lost as far as i know.  Has extra transmission, Missing steering wheel, windshield frame and lots of smalls. Some wood work redone. I found out how to post pictures a while back so can give any pictures wanted of any area desired. I believe someone was considering turning this into a street rod as the rear clip was customized, but I have an extra original one that goes with the car. Thanks for any interest. 

    20190810_155558 (1).jpg



    20190810_155449 (1).jpg


  4. Thanks; I found I have the part the cord goes into and listed it in parts for sale in case anyone is missing that piece. thanks

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