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  1. I picked this glass lens an an estate sale today and wondered if anyone knew its application. It's made by Lenex, part # H-112. It looks Airflow-like to me. Hopefully I can get the photo loaded this time. Many thanks.
  2. Well, it's certainly a start in the right direction! Thank you for your help and input.
  3. I'm trying to help one of our club members get his '65 American convertible finished--one minor problem that has cropped up is he's forgotten where all the hoses go from the intake manifold and to the heater control valve, etc. etc. The engine is a 199. Naturally we don't want to do this wrong, and would really rather not do it but once. His shop manual is not real clear as far as illustrations. Any help would truly be appreciated.
  4. I'm trying to help out a friend with the restoration of his '59 Edsel--does anyone have a template or can give approx. measurements for the location of the dual rear antennas? I've noted on "The Edsel Pages" that dual antennas were a dealer installed item--pehaps there is no specific location and the dealer just mounted them where he thought they would look best?--any help would truly be appreciated.
  5. This WOULD have been good information--they're a single diaphram. If my skills hold up I'm going to try and get a couple of pictures on as well. Wish me luck.
  6. Help! I've uncovered several Holley vacuum advance units sealed in their original boxes, but cannot find an application for them. The Holley tech line is no help--in fact they stated emphatically that they never made such a thing! The part # is 35R-83A and they look like Ford Y-block, but I don't know for sure. Any help would surely be appreciated.
  7. There's actually a pretty easy conversion that has been covered in the Y-block Club publications that uses slightly modified Grenada spindles--very low buck and works well. The problem with most of the aftermarket conversion kits is that you have to use 15" wheels--this lets you use stock 14" wheels with no problem. I think if you punch in "1957 Ford disc brake conversion" on Google, you'll get all the info you need.
  8. Man, is my face red!!! Thanks for the quick and matter-of-fact replies. You guys are the best! Thanks again.
  9. This was with a bunch of Ford parts I recently purchased--I'm sure it's some sort of timing cover, but for waht?? The casting # is T-690-D, followed by the Ford script.
  10. There's a company called Glory Grills that makes beautiful but a bit pricey tude grille for your '55. The craftsmanship is amazing. You can find them at www.customgrill.com, I believe. They're a division of JW Enterprises. Do a Google search for Wirth's Custom Automotive and I think you'll find the tailights you need. They even reproduce the '55 Merc lense and housing which look great on a '55 Ford. Occasionally the "old style" tube grills will come up on Ebay as well. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  11. I just pickup up from the inventory of an old parts house a Holley carb that kind of resembles the "teapots" found on the early Y-blocks, but does have differences, the most noticeable being the throttle plates at the base. The list number is 803-79 or 803-7S, and the casting number is 12R-10558. Holley is no help. Does anyone out there know an application for this carb? BULLETNOSE
  12. Sorry, I should have mentioned that it is indeed an iron head. Man, that was a fast response!! Thanks for the help--it's certainly possible that the last digit it a 9. Thanks again.
  13. I just purchased a big supply of parts from the estate of a Memphis collector--included were several wooden crates with new camshafts. The box is marked "Commander, Defense Depot, Memphis" and has the Chrysler logo. The cam part number is 1632987. My local Mopar guy says this is not a Chrysler ID--probably a military ID. The cams are six cylinder, but appear too long for a slant six. Possibly a Power Wagon? Can anyone shed some light on this? I'd like to get them to someone who can use them. Thanks.
  14. I recently purchased a collection of parts from the estate of an old Memphis collector. Included is a flathead v12 of unknown vintage--where would I find the casting numbers of this engine? Also, I've got a passenger side head--casting # 26H 6040 (perhaps 6042--the last digit is pretty blurry). Any idea of the year of this head? Thanks for the help.
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