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  1. Congrats, that is one SWEET Riv! I miss my 98 every time I climb into the Acadia or Civic... Handed the Riv over to my daughter a couple years ago as her first car, as I wanted her in a larger safer vehicle. I had driven it for about 7 years, and last fall there were just too many things falling apart to invest in the car anymore, so I sold it to a local mechanic. He test drove it first, and really tromped on it going down the street. SOLD. Next day he texts me whining that now it has rod knock. Not sure why he thought it was my problem anymore! That was by far the most comfortable car I've ever owned, and I do still miss it. If I came across a local 98/99 in great shape it would be hard to pass it by, if price was good. Strangely, I have not seen a single 95-99 on the street since moving to Gilbert AZ 5 weeks ago. But Gilbert is a young demographic... don't see a lot of Buicks in general.
  2. Bottom dollar is $250 to your door in the lower 48 states. Otherwise I'll just put it away.
  3. I would consider reasonable offers also.
  4. I recall very little about my test, other than the parallel parking at the end. Hard to believe it but I do not recall what I was driving.
  5. I have a very nice simulated walnut wood steering wheel available. This is the 67/68 wheel offered on various BOPC A-bodies, but Buick only offered in 68 as optional equip. It is not perfect, but still looks great from the front. It has 2 small cracks at about 9 & 3 as most of them do, though most I've seen the cracks are significantly larger and more visible. These are barely noticeable from a facing view. There is also an even smaller crack at about 7 o'clock, also hardly visible. I'm asking what it cost me, $300, and will ship free in the lower 48 states, from Fargo ND. I have several pics available, will see about adding them later. I can easily text or email them also. Please reply here first if interested.
  6. Thanks John. I now have pics of a 96, and it appears the only difference is the provision for hanging the gas cap strap. 98/99 has a notch in the arm to hang it, the 96 has a bracket built-in to the backside of the door. It may be an issue for me though. When I replaced my fuel fill pipe a couple years ago (adapting a PA unit) the gas cap ended up pretty much up against the back side of my FLAT door. I'd have to trim/remove the cap bracket on the 96. However, I have a line on a white one, so it may have to be done. Easier than dealing with painting a door to match.
  7. Short version: 95-97 fuel fill door, and 98/99 door, carry different part numbers. I need a bright white diamond door for my 98. (other color would do...) My question is, what is different about the early door vs the 98/99 version? Is it possible a 96 door would mount in place of my 98? My first thought is they may attach differently to the body. Anyone know??? Thanks!
  8. I've priced a couple of items from them over the past few years, and have read many others experiences dealing with them. Their prices are sky high (dare I say "absurd"?) and firm, and their manners are poor. I'm surprised anyone buys from them.
  9. It's under the rear seat on 95-99 Rivs. The rear seat comes out easily and is not heavy. Lift up at the bottom of the seat and it snaps out.
  10. Yes, I have large flakes of bright white diamond paint peeling off the rear of my trunk lid, and along the quarter panel top seams. Hmm, along a roof line also. Just the paint though, the primer is still intact.
  11. Listed in today's Fargo(ND) Forum newspaper: I did a bit of Google searching, and found it's been advertised in recent months. Additional info I found: 133,000 miles, factory air, posi rear, like-new tires. Looks like it's in the Fargo area.