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  1. Hey guys. Thanks for all the emails. Sorry I haven't been able to get back with you. The reason the car is for sale is my company was transferring me to a different market. The transfer came a lot sooner than expected. I am in Miami and have been away from any system to access email. The triple black TC is still for sale. I have lowered the price from 18,500 to 15,500. I drive it when I return to Kansas City. It is garaged at my home there. The odometer now reads 9532. It is a beautiful car and still smells new on the inside. It will be sold or moved when my home there sells. The
  2. The factory original wheels are on the car and they are shiny and beautiful!!
  3. I get it here at a detail shop. But you can call the company directly to order it: The company is Byron's Car Care, they make Hyde Food. It restores old tough leather back to being soft. It's a true dream come true if you found an old TC with hard leather. It won't clean it, but it's a restoration/upkeep tool. Hyde Magic Inc. 14624-B Titus St. Panorama City, CA 91402 US Main Phone: (818) 786-3191
  4. I am very interested in the car and have cash to pay! Can you please email me pics ASAP to aerostep78@aol.com with your phone number so I can contact you to make arrangements? Thanks a bunch! Erik
  5. Hi gang, I've been viewing for a while and wanted to say hello! I have a 1990 triple black TC with the V6 with only 8,000 original miles (took me a 1000 miles to get it home to my garage, so it had 7,000)! Very beautiful car and I LOVE IT. I have always wanted one, and I finally got one. I do have some questions though: My door speakers work, but are very soft, and the rest of the speakers work with no problem. What is wrong? Does anybody know where I can get a service manual, so I can work on it myself? Anything I need to look for to repair early before it breaks? Also I have a product y
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