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  1. Hi, My radiator is history. I took it to a radiator shop and was told it was not rebuildable. Has anybody any experience with aftermarket radiators? I know checker and autozone sell aftermarket ones and I just need to get the car running so can anyone help me with what to put in? My car is a 289 with automatic tranny. Thanks Scott
  2. Hi all, My 58 silver hawk with a 289 is overheating. I took off the radiator cap and the radiator is full, but calm. Should I see any flow with the engine running? I am thinking it is the water pump as the car is not losing any antifreeze. Thanks Scott
  3. Hi all, Can anyone please help me identify what this is? Thanks
  4. Still a work in progress, but is now running and driving.
  5. Hi Mike, Who did your gauges? Mine are in lousy shape and I would like to get them restored/repaired. I also have a 41 cont. cab. Thanks, Scott
  6. Does anyone have a photo of what the spark plug wires look like on the distributor side? I am used to newer cars where the wire just plugs into the distributor cap. How does the wire plug in on a 41? Thanks, Scott
  7. I also need parts - is the spark plug wire set...
  8. Hi All, My 41 Lincoln Cont. Cab has a faulty temperature sensor (mounts on drivers side of engine next to radiator hose). My car has been converted to 12V and the gauges are 12V. This is the first time we are hooking up the gauges - the temp sensor on the car is the original 6V that was not hooked up. Can someone please help? Thanks Scott<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  9. Thanks! I should have mentioned (and yes I am kicking myself at times like this) that my system was upgraded to 12V. Is there a 12V version of the sensor? My gauges are now 12V. Thanks, Scott
  10. Hi All, My 41 Lincoln Cont. Cab has a faulty temperature sensor (mounts on drivers side of engine next to radiator hose). Anybody got a lead on where to get a new one? Tried Merles, Autozone, Pep Boys and Checker. Maybe did not know what part number to ask for... Thanks Scott
  11. Hi all, I posted this in the general, but maybe should have posted it here. I have a 41 Cont. Cab. and did not have the oil filter hooked up. Am now hooking it up. I searched the posts and found an old post that said they were using a Fram C-4. Can someone please confirm and let me know what modifications (if any) were needed? Thanks, Scott
  12. Hi All, My 41 Cont. Cab. did not have the oil filter hooked up. We are now hooking it up and I searched the site and someone said they used a Fram C-4. The post was an older post. Can someone please confirm this? Was any modificaton neccessary? Thanks, Scott
  13. How I wish I knew then what I know now. Fortunately, everything I did can be reversed. However I am at the point of being able to drive the car nxt weekend and have not had the car on the road since I got it over 7 years ago. My new electrician/mechanic just got the Columbia working and he is telling me how nice the car drives! I can't wait!
  14. Thanks for the help. I went to ebay and found what was needed. Then when back to my electrical guy who is a bit of a curmudgeon and simply wanted to add a new guage cluster under the dash rather then mess with 70 year old gauges.... We had a bit of a talk... Thanks for the help!
  15. Hi All, I have a 41 Continental Cab. I was told by my mechanic that for safety I should upgrade to 12V which I did. My mechanic does not like to do electrical so I am having someone else put in a new wiring harness (entire car is being rewired). The electrical guy is telling me he cannot use my existing dash gauges because while he can step down the voltage via resistance, the guages are very finicky and will not work with the resistance needed to step them down. He wants to put a new set of guages under the dash for me to use. What gives? Can someone please help? I am having a difficult time as I was assuming I would use my existing dash gauges. Thanks, Scott
  16. THANKS! I just ordered a set of the 700-16 Firestones.
  17. THANKS ALL! I just ordered a set of 700-16 Firestones.
  18. Here is a photo of the car in progress....
  19. So what did you end up getting? I need tires for my 41 Lincoln....
  20. Hi all, I finally got my 41 cabriolet running! Now I need tires. I am looking at the Firestone 4" or the Lester 4.5" bias. Can anyone give me suggestions on what they have and what they reccomend. I have read some older posts where there were complaints that the Lester whitewall yellowed. Thanks Scott