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  1. Thanks for posting some photos John. Your judging sheets are sent. Ted, we might have some members that took photos, unfortunately I did not have a chance to take any. If I can locate some I will make sure I post them to the thread. You might want to ask that guy back in Milwaukee if he or Bobbi took any
  2. Thanks to all that volunteered and attended the meet. You are what make it a success. If anyone had their Buick go through the 400 pt judging process and would like a copy of the judging form please contact me. My information is in the Roster or you may PM me. The process is the same as a National Meet you may send a S.A.S.E. or with an email I can scan it and send it to you.
  3. It's hard to see but in the last photo you can see the Wildcat under the front lift on the right. A couple nasty scratches but no dents and thankfully the vinyl top intact. I felt a lot of relief when I saw it appear as the snow melted. All the cars on top of the lifts (four) were officially totaled by the insurance companies, although at least 2 will be fixed and live on. Kevin's 99 Silver Arrow and 67 GS will be fixed. His 67 was sold to a younger member of our local chapter who is busily working on it. Both our 85 t-types were smushed. Mine has become an "organ donor" for some other cars for family and friends. Paul might be able to post a photo. The other one is still here. For some reason it is difficult to get a body shop to take 13 cars at once. Look forward to seeing you in August, we'll have to give you the tour!
  4. Ben, glad to hear you are recovering well. Take it easy and look forward to seeing you and getting to chat with you again soon!
  5. Doug, it sure did. Those photos are about two weeks after the collapse. There's already two rows of cars removed and about 20 feet of roof removed. Pictured were rows three and behind those, four. With all the snow it was a wall of white for about 10 days. We didn't know how bad it might be or what cars were damaged or totaled. Lamar, it was and yes, luckily the building was appropriately insured (pole building owners always a good idea to check your policy or ask your agent!) The gentlemen removing the roof and debris said it was held together with roofing nails. The barn was built in the late 60's and was definitely not up to code. There were multiple issues and ultimately the failure was poorly built structure. We did have a tough winter. It was cold and snowy so not much melt, although I was certain we had much more snow last year. All around a bad build and as Paul said to me the other day "Take the number for the house inspector you used, ball it up and throw it away". The construction company we are using now was surprised it stood long as it did. So a few less cars, lots of minor damage to cars to fix, and a few more substantial projects. The rebuild is going forward quickly now. Monday Friday My motto is now "Could have been worse!"
  6. At the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul from 7am to 3pm. http://www.gopherstatebuick.org/springshow/ Top 21 for all makes up to built in 2000 and top five for Buicks, all years welcome. No matter the weather we always have a nice turnout of cars and a great swap meet. And this year it looks we will actually have some nice weather! Hope to see you there!
  7. Longtime ROA member, author of the book Buick Riviera 1963-1973:All series including custom and gran sport, auto enthusiast, witty character and friend...passed on January 10th, 2014. http://monarchsociety.com/fh/obituaries/obituary.cfm?o_id=2382314&fh_id=14405 I'll miss you.
  8. John S. very sorry you couldn't make it to the ROA meet. It's the biggest yet. Lots of great cars and hope to get the camera to cooperate for photos. We'll definately get to catch up in South Bend. (bring photos of the new addition) John D. with the bourbon they make around here that shouldn't be a problem. Especially that double-oaked has got a lil bite to it at the end. I picked up something and looking for some other goodies to add. Dave haha! I did get carded once this week, once!
  9. Other than the uncooperative Midwestern weather, and yes those boomers in the Twin Cities last week were bad, it still looks like a blast and amazing. Keep up the good work Mike for Pat-n-Pat, but we will miss you in South Bend.
  10. After visiting several distilleries here in Lexington, Kentucky and seeing how popular a certain libation has been in the past breakfasts... I'm beginning to think I may have an idea of what to bring to the swap. Hmmmm....:cool:
  11. It was a fun time this morning guys. Got to meet a few new folks and get to know others better. Great idea, hope this becomes a yearly tradition at the ROA meets also.
  12. Thanks for sharing, Roberta. I'm rather fond of that 72 Riviera....can't imagine why....
  13. Open hood=Mantrap. Just the sound of that hood release will cause fellers to mosey over. Of course standing in front of it scratching your head, will hurry others along. And pointing will simply bring a mob. Beer just makes it a party.
  14. Derek, still sending prayers for as speedy recovery as possible. Best wishes to Suzanne and hope to see her soon. Maybe one year I can get time off for the Labour Day tour again. It was a fun time. By the way, you are more than welcome to stay at our house as a layover before the meet. We have more room than Pop's house and plenty of parking space. There is even a Famous Daves about 5 miles from here....
  15. I'll be there Lamar. Haven't missed one yet. Derek, they can sit with me, you know I always behave. Looking forward to seeing the usual and unusual suspects again.
  16. Bump to the top. It looks like Sunday is going to be our first dry and pleasant day after snow earlier this week. It's melted and gone in the Twin Cities. So it's the perfect time to get the cars out and enjoy the day, show, swap and friends. After this winter it is time to get those Buicks out and have some fun. Derek, you are still missed, but let Suzanne know we are thinking about her and the family. Family always comes first, and your Buick family cares too. John, we'd love to have you come, hopefully you weren't in the big snow band and can get the car out. That's a gorgeous car. The Chicago fellas decided that it wouldn't be fun to visit the junkyards so they are out this year. They are missing a great game of "What's under that white hump? Let's grab a shovel and see." Maybe next year.
  17. Spring Show flyer There is still time to pre-register for the show, registrations accepted by mail until April 15th. Located at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Sunday May 5th. C'mon on up for a great show! We even have some adventurer's coming up from Chicago coming :cool:
  18. John, our local chapter director registered for the meet but cannot attend because of surgery. I offered to pickup his goodie bag and registration for him. He said he has a banquet ticket and possibly a bbq ticket so let's talk at the meet. I'm sure we can work something out for him and you.
  19. That was nice for those of us back in the olden days. I know my parents didn't buy no stinkin' four doors just cause they had kids Few Buick parts are reproduced, if they are in decent shape and a reasonable price, it's a good idea to grab them. Somewhere, someday, someone will need that part.
  20. Welcome buicknewbee! Growing up with a pop in the Classic Car Club of America, I've asked this question myself before. Here is what I recall. A Phaeton is a 4 door open touring car. (think no roll up windows) As opposed to a Roadster, which has two doors. So the difference is not sidemounts (spare tires), but instead doors. Hope that helps.
  21. Overnighting in Rochester, NY now....looks like arriving in Danvers early afternoon.
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