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  1. It's hard to see but in the last photo you can see the Wildcat under the front lift on the right. A couple nasty scratches but no dents and thankfully the vinyl top intact. I felt a lot of relief when I saw it appear as the snow melted. All the cars on top of the lifts (four) were officially totaled by the insurance companies, although at least 2 will be fixed and live on. Kevin's 99 Silver Arrow and 67 GS will be fixed. His 67 was sold to a younger member of our local chapter who is busily working on it. Both our 85 t-types were smushed. Mine has become an "organ donor" for some other cars f
  2. Doug, it sure did. Those photos are about two weeks after the collapse. There's already two rows of cars removed and about 20 feet of roof removed. Pictured were rows three and behind those, four. With all the snow it was a wall of white for about 10 days. We didn't know how bad it might be or what cars were damaged or totaled. Lamar, it was and yes, luckily the building was appropriately insured (pole building owners always a good idea to check your policy or ask your agent!) The gentlemen removing the roof and debris said it was held together with roofing nails. The barn was built in the lat
  3. Most of the Canada scenes were filmed in Northest Minneapolis. The Hennepin Bridge stood in for the Ambassador in Detroit, they just changed the signs on the set for the Canadian/American border crossing.
  4. I cannot agree more about how critial it is to work with the CVB in a selected city when planning an event. The Rochester CVB people were AMAZING and WONDERFUL to us in help, knowledge, planning and ideas. Their job is to make the event sucessful and they want to work hand in hand with you to make that happen. Any group looking to plan should first make contact with the CVB. Incidentally, Roberta you mentioned in another thread about auto-tourism. Cities are beginning to realize what a great economic impact car associations have. This week I was contacted (unsolicited) by two cities in Minnes
  5. Hey Derek, here is the link I have for Speedway. http://www.speedwayautomotive.com/
  6. Brian-thanks for checking on that. I'll look into Red Lion also. Frank, appreciate the update. That may be a good option as well.
  7. Frank-did you also make a reservation for Wednesday? I made mine last night and was quoted $214 a night for Wednesday, $139 all other nights. The gal on the phone seemed to have quite a bit of trouble finding the block under the Buick Club. But I'm thinking I will not be heading out until Thursday night or looking for a cheaper hotel for Wednesday.
  8. I too, wish judging was an option. Not just for bringing out a car, but for continuing to learn how to be a good judge. This was second year judging at a National and I can say I did a much better job than my first, and I look forward to gaining more education and learning to be a better judge. But...I can say I attended the Board of Directors meeting in Rochester and listening to the 2008 proposal. It sure seems like they have a pretty fun meet planned. The idea of a less formal celebration does have it's charms. I think of this particularly since that scramble between the judges meeting and
  9. Derek-there's a few of us diehards that are mostly just in it for the word "roadtrip". We like getting out the cars and driving. It might be a little hard to set up a Fall tour for this year, but a Spring or Summer tour next year, or even a Fall tour 07 would be a lot of fun. I'd say pick out some neat things you are interested in and figure would have a pretty good appeal for other folks and make it an overnight tour. I just bet we can drag some Minny~so~duh people up. And if you find a BBQ place along the way I'm fairly certain you can even get my brother to go!
  10. Derek-you are correct-that's my Riv (and my only photo of it from the show) I don't know why I brought a camera down to Rochester-no time! It was great to meet you and glad to see you and the family got back fine. Please send some photos and a story to Marge for the newsletter and thanks for everything! Keep the pictures coming, folks. I'm hoping to see more. PS-when is the tour up North??? <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />
  11. There is no need to register to be able to see the showfield or go thru the swap meet. Keep in mind there may not be too many left by that time in the morning as the main event is the car show on Saturday and many vendors will be packing up and getting ready to head home. The registration closes at that time since all judged cars must be registered and on the show field by 10am for judging to begin. Please drive down and see the show, it's always great to meet up with other members!
  12. Absolutely, yes! How else are some of us younger members going to learn? I'm not a new member to the BCA. I've been Amember for 15 years but I am 31 years old. I learned more at Batavia and Lincolnshire this year than in the previous 14 years. Learning to judge gives us an opportunity to develop a better eye for cars and be able to see fit, condition, maintenance, preservation and restoration. It will allow you to have a better attention to detail and I have developed much more appreciation for cars and the work owners put into them. I'm not just talking about trailer queens, but instead rea
  13. Haven't had any luck locating these in white. Looking for any information or leads. I need both sides in good condition or better with white inserts. Thanks!
  14. Been looking and still searching for any leads on a 71-72 Riviera in [color:\\"blue\\"]Stratomist blue with white bucket seats and white vinyl roof. Prefer the 72 and the more options the better, with GS and/or sunroof desirable. Any leads or information appreciated. Kris Syrdal BCA# 24678
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