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  1. Hey Jeff, Thanks for the great pictures, and great web site. I have a few questions? On the front of the air box there are two hose, one small one going to the air shut off valve, per the schematic this tee's to the manifold bridge and the other end goes to what? (note: My bridge was broke is sevral places so I replaced it with a new one from dodge. It was a splice in unit.) And the one larger u shaped hose I have no clue where it goes? I also have a hose coming from the turbo hosing inlet side, Does this go straight to th cruise control or does it tie in some where? The hose off the cruise c
  2. I have a 1989 TC 2.2 turbo that someone else removed the head on, I have a fresh rebuilt head installed, But have no clue were all the vacuum lines and tubes go, I have the vacuum schematic on the car, But I have a box of tubes and hoses. Is what I am looking for is some pictures or something that show the physical layout of where they route? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shawn
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