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  1. AC's blowing warm in my 91. Needs a charge, but I'm sure the system has the old Freon in it. How much of a pain is it to upgrade to the new coolant?
  2. 1991 V6 Yellow/Ginger/Beige beauty with 24,000 miles. All original; drives like a dream. This car has always been garage kept with a cover on it and is immaculate. Comes with hard top carrier, custom cover, service manual, brand new tires and more. I bought it from the original owner's widow and have put about 900 miles on it since buying it a year ago. I hate to sell, but I have no choice. Asking $12,900. Compared to the high-mileage offerings you find on eBay, this is a steal. Email me at stearn56@yahoo.com for photos and more info.
  3. I bought one of those laser-cut stainless license plate holders with the Maserati name for the back. Now, if I could just remove the "Chrysler's TC by" from in front of "Maserati." JUST JOKING! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />
  4. thanks for the input. I've got a service manual, but it doesn't say anything about a screen. Do you have any tips for fixing this? Thanks! Steve
  5. Pump seems to work fine, but now washer fluid comes out of the jets. I took the jets off and the seemed clogged. I took a small pin and tried to clear them, then blew into them. Seemed like they were unclogged. I reassembled and am getting no water from either jet. The driver's side drips now at the connector to the jet. I suppose I should replace these little plastic gems. Are they an easy find? If so, what do I ask for. Whenever I go for parts at one of the box stores, they look at me like I'm asking for parts for a UFO or something. Ideas?
  6. I hope the garage is going to pay for your new light. They are rare and expensive in most cases. Check out other postings on this site for info. Also, if you're not already a member, it's a wise idea to join the TC America Club. Info located at www.chryslertcbymaseraticlub.com
  7. I read with great interest in the latest edition of the TC America newsletter on page 2 about a way to get into your car if you lock your keys inside. The writer talked about holding a cellphone a foot from the door and having someone with a key fob (clicker) press the button in order to open the car. GREAT IDEA! However, I had no idea TCs had such a remote control device. When I bought mine (a 91), the original owner made no mention of such a device. Does one still exist, and how can I get one? Steve
  8. I wouldn't know how to drive my TC daily, but then again, it does get better gas mileage than my Town Car... <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />
  9. Thanks for the info. I own one of the hardtop storage devices sold through TC America. I've got a helper for that, but have found a way to latch and unlatch the soft top by myself. Will be extra careful until I can get ahold of a replacement. Seems weird, though, since when I got the car, the top had been removed once by the previous owner, and the motorized release doesn't do the trick.
  10. Had the same "issue" when I first got my 91. The electric release whirs, but doesn't unlatch. I use the manual release exclusively now. In the back center of the trunk, there's a little slit in the carpet. Behind it, is a nut that needs to be turned with the lug nut remover on the jack handle. Counterclockwise for release, clockwise for latch down. Easy. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  11. Welcome to TC land! You made a great decision. Yes, TC America is still going strong. Go to the Web site and send a message to Karleen (the president) and she'll give you all the details. Steve Arnold, TCA member #3023
  12. Thought everyone might be interested in this tidbit. Who knows? Maybe it will somehow help us TC owners. Hey --- I can dream, can't I? The Los Angeles Times reports: "Maserati will be repositioned within the Fiat Group. No longer the kid sister to Ferrari, Maserati will become the luxury nameplate over Lancia and Alfa Romeo. In America, it?s likely that Alfa and Maserati will share dealerships."
  13. Thanks, Larry. Just so happens I bought another lid on eBay. The carpet's in great shape, but it's missing one of the rubber pieces on the top. Is there a way to remove the carpet and install it on the lid currently in the car?
  14. I read in the latest edition of the TC newsletter that articles in previous editions addressed the subject of carpet burns. When I bought my 91, I noticed several criss-crossed burns on the storage compartment lid. From what I can tell, they look as if they were made by sunlight coming through the porthole windows. Is this possible? Is this a fire hazard? I leave my car under a cover in the garage, and never go anywhere without the cover, so this shouldn't be a problem in the future. How do I get rid of the burns?
  15. The 90s and 91s have the red cover. I believe the 89 service manual had a blue cover. Keep an eye out on eBay. Sometimes you can get a deal.
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