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  1. I have a polished Edelbrock tjaros@att.net
  2. Interested in a 41 Zephyr Convt ? tjaros@att.net
  3. Any recommendations for shock fluid ?
  4. Turns out that FelPro still makes the overhaul sets only. $109 at AutoZone.
  5. Someone give me ideas for sourcing on complete gasket sets ?? Thanx in advance.
  6. Already tried them. They had the door and trunk seals but not these. Thanks for the reply tho.
  7. Can someone point me toward a supplier on these ? How about the seal that is in the window channel that the wing closes against. Thanx in advance.
  8. Hello. I need weatherstripping for all 4 doors on these gems. Also, any direction on window/vent seals would be appreciated. Thanx, Tom
  9. Need weatherstripping for 40 & 41 LZ Sedans. Suggestions ? How about door window seals ? Any help will be appreciated. Thanx
  10. Anyone know how to come up with one of these ? Car came with housing but no motor/fan. Thanx