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  1. Thanks, kmstrade, for the suggestion. As it happens, I just bought a different '23 Stutz Speedway 4 roadster so don't need the info now. I see you have a '23 as well. I am wondering what the best source of technical info on the Stutz is. Before long, I am going to dig into the brakes and steering and need info on them. Tom
  2. I believe that this car was in Tim LaQuay's collection in Victoria, Texas. Anyone know how to contact him?
  3. Auction houses keep the IDs of their consigners to themselves, for understandable reasons, I guess. I emailed Mecum, but did not get a response.
  4. At Mecum's Harrisburg auction this year there was a 1923 Stutz Speedway 4 roadster that was bid up to $80,000 but not sold. I am interested in this car and would like to contact the owner. If anyone can let me know how to contact him, or get a word to him to contact me through the forum, I would very much appreciate it. An auction photo is attached.
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