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  1. are you looking for both pieces? The driver or passenger side?
  2. left hand driver remote mirror, all cables good shape and works fine, good glass, $150 left and rt side , rear window ledge pieces , very nice chrome ( these pieces tend to 'fade') $40 Fibre optic 'tubing' , fitting ends and fender housing, good condition, complete, $60 rear bumper rubber impact strip, all mounting bolts good condition, $25 left and rt , rear side marker light housings and lenses, good condition, $20 interior rear courtesy lights and bulbs, $20 bumper SS trim over tail lights, left and right, $25
  3. ewing

    72 Riv.

    This car has been posted before in FOR SALE in Oct '12. Just click on his name and view prior posts. or click here. http://forums.aaca.org/search.php?searchid=167262 Info previously posted.....'Price negotiable, asking $7900 boydlou5@att.net'
  4. your green and red arrows are all on 1 piece, thats the headlight surround piece. ...Sorry I don't have what you need.
  5. I have a 47 roadmaster grill and 'mustache' bar that fits on the top of the grill frame. If its the same for all 47 models and you can't find one closer to home, let me know.
  6. Actual window frames, I don't have in extra parts.
  7. I am not sure what pieces you are describing... but I have this piece,; its the rear side quarter window chrome ledge piece. I also have this SS strip that wraps around thes side to the rear, starting at this piece location, and I have the hidden 'snap strip', metal piece, that holds the SS strip on to the body. If these are what you are looking for , let me know.
  8. I have some odds and ends left over from my 47 roadmaster convert restoration. What do you need?
  9. seems valve covers are common in spare parts bins? I have a nice clean valve cover from a 47 320ci if there are others that need one.
  10. why do you call it a roadmaster convert.. 'clone' ? have you grafted convert top parts to a 2 dr?
  11. 3 pictures, all of the passenger side... I wonder what the dr side looks like, maybe the interior, and the engine... underneath... could be a rookie listing. Nice car if the entire car is as nice as the passenger side looks!
  12. I think it says make an offer, too on the ebay site? So the buy it now is 21k, one can offer what ever you think its worth to you. maybe 14 or 15k will be the best offer and it will sell. The interior is a bit ragged on the driver seat, and the paint is worn and touched up on the dr rear fender ( from the prior pictures seen on this forum).
  13. the one on ebay now must be Tim McCormack's car ( name from old thread) as it has the same badge and license plate on the front ( from the edge view I see of the license on the old post). and the serial plate sure seems to read the same to me. ... although its not unheard of for a posting for sale to show pictures of a car 'like the one for sale' ... I don't believe that's the case here. Super Nice car.
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