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  1. I have to say it... the original post is over 7 years old...
  2. When I see the chrome on top of the rear fenders I see a 52 Buick. I see its posted as 51 Buick . I agree the data plate info will be interesting. I know that dealers often added paint , and maybe trim to cars at the dealership, whether to a customer's order, or maybe in this case to make the 'old' model year, 51 look trendy and current with the new 52s. The next model year often arrived on the showroom floors before all the prior year models were sold... who knows... maybe the dealer installed the rear fender top trim to add some showroom sparkle.
  3. your 52 has an interesting side sweep-spear. At the back door it curves back to the fron of the car like a 52, and, also has a horizontal extension that runs out over the rear wheel well... like a 51. Question for the 51/52 experts, is this an early 52 using the 51 side sweep spear trim?
  4. great looking car, and still looks to be in fine condition. Don't see a lot of rust, at least from the top side! And I see the same spotlight rear view mirror on the driver side now as in the picture from its glory days. What a great car, and would be nice to get it back on the road as an original survivor! ( the paint looks good enough with just a spot of wear/ thinning on the roof from what I see in the pictures)
  5. original post looks to be about 5 yrs old...
  6. i did ask myself the same question.. do it myself or pay a shop.( I guess to some extent part of my angst was leaving my roadmaster in a shop knowing that a some guy would move the car around and be climbing over the car to put the top on didn't appeal to me... and not knowing how long it would take). So....I tracked down an old car restorer who has done many old car convert tops. He agreed to come over and have a visit with my car in my garage, and give me a few tips so I could try it myself. I was lucky because this guy was partial to 47 Buicks having owned one a long time ago) There are jus
  7. what a great car. Is it originally a maroon car with a blue interior? Or since it looks repainted blue, was the interior colour changed.? I really like the red exterior and blue interior colour combination, but I suspect that it wasn't an offered combination in the 53 Skylark. When it is done , I can offer my garage space for storage, but for no more than 10 years.
  8. first I'd suggest that there are plenty of parts and access to parts that keeping it 'original' is not as difficult as you might imagine. The internet and instant connection to other Buick people will bear that out. As for the engine colour, it was dark green, yours may be a rebuild, or been replaced at some time. Check the engine # on the lower passenger side, near the dip stick to find the #. People here can then tell you if it is the right engine that came with the car. I'll check my trim codes later, and let you know what I find... unless someone else finds it before I do. Not sure about t
  9. What I find interesting is that it is the first woody I can recall seeing with 2 tone, white on the roof. This was common in the all steel cars, in particulat I can think of many pictures of 56's, 57's 58's ( like my old 58 Caballero) that had white roof over a 'colour' body. And, she does look like a good shot! Is that the hunting dog carrier box in the back?
  10. I'm going by memory on my 38 that was quite original when I got it. It was dark blue and the ratty fender rear welting was black. I think there is a small area of original fender welting on the front fenders at the back area. low on the body. I am playing with the idea of re doing the body and a repaint, so i will make a point of checking what the old welting pieces look like. Don't get too excited... I don't think I'll get to this before next summer. But I will report!
  11. ok, I have experimented and found a repair that I think is quite satisfactory. My running board rubber ( on a 38) had minor cracking, some small 'divots' breaking out, and, a couple of areas a few inches in length where pieces were breaking away from the metal 'tray'. To start, I used rust check rust converter, to seal rust under the rubber where it was cracked or where I could see I could get the liquid down to the metal 'tray' Use this sparingly and only in small areas where you need to stop obvious rust. ( it is very aggressive chemical and I'm not sure about its long term affect on the ol
  12. you are correct, that was the staging area for the DT cruz. and it is your future 54 Century. I had a good look at it then and talked to the owner some. And you are right it is the year we had the our MCAAC ( club) as feature club.
  13. blue with red leather interior... classic Buick colors of the post war era. my 47 Roadmaster convert was factory light blue with red leather seat tops and bolsters and red leather accent door panels, looking red leather interior from passers by, ( but with tan bedford cord seat panels you see when you get inside). I know I don't get a vote, but I'd stick with the factory colors on this car, light blue with red leather interior. Nothing better. I get a lot of oohs and aaws from people looking at my blue with red interior 47.
  14. the heater core has been replaced now so I'm on the road again... as if I need heat. But I'm happy now. BCA'ers came up from MN to visit this weekend, Thriller did a great job to organize. Here are a couple of pictures of the hot 47 and our friends from MN. A couple of nice pictures at the Legislative bldg... before security moved us along. There was also a good gathering at the local Pony Corral.... I forgot to bring the camera...!!! I expect Thriller will post more pictures on a dedicated thread.
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