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  1. Very Nice Stevo! Buick's not bad either.... Thanks for bring this one back to the top, seems I've missed a few of the posts......:eek:
  2. Truck's on it's way..............
  3. Those pixs are hard to look at Mike...... What's the scoop on them...if not too personal
  4. Hope it was "fur";) WOW Lamar....ya revived a thread from March 2007!!! Here's one....
  5. Really "tycooning it".....beer in glass. Is that a bottle of Canadian in the background.... Back to the Spam........not spam but close enough Happy Belated Birthday from Jan & I
  6. Never thought I'd say this BUT that's a little TOO Much "up skirt" for me !! LMAO!!!!
  7. WOW! AND I just thought it was a cool picture. Thanks Brian. Very interesting.
  8. Very Nice Neil.....Young Lady & Buick NOW what's under the car cover in the background of photo 1!!?? hehehe
  9. That's GONE MAN! Didn't realize there was an F bomb there Mr. Earl your all over it!!!! LMAO!!!
  10. Tall order...doubt it. What about the Nailhead green and judging anyway? Roadmistress is right boys...."hang on to the yellow rope".......
  11. Ahhh Yes! Loaded on a Buick.....aka Miss April How's this for a Grad Gift!?!?!
  12. How 'bout one getting loaded into a Buick.... Can't remember if it's been posted before:confused:
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