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  1. Looks Great Bill! Always loved the skirts.....mainly chasing 'em
  2. Just rec'd the decals!! Sweet! Very well done!! Thanks Bill:)
  3. That's a nice piece of Hardware Bill & well deserved......Congrats.
  4. X2 on Mr. Madden's & Mr. Earl's replies. Have yet to get mine to align properly but learned the technique.......but still trying:mad::confused: AND don't let anyone else open or close your hood !!!
  5. Calling Mr. Corbin.....Calling Mr. Dave Corbin.............
  6. Only a Buick could handle larger plates....
  7. Digging those YOM plates Bill. :cool: They look larger than todays plates. Does California require a front tag?
  8. Very Nice Lamar. Great ol' Buick Dandy!!
  9. Very Nice, Congrats to all !!! Great Pixs! [quote name=Thriller I feel for the springs on the GS...it was pretty loaded down with humanity there. Haha.... tires are looking a little pancaked as well......
  10. Bill, Congrats on a very nice article on a great restoration! Well done Sir.
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