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  1. just click on the link.
  2. This is the one I was in at the Milwaukee Mile. The Wisconsin Antique Auto Racing meet was going on as we were at hte camp ground on the other side of the race track [near the Petit Ice rink] Those unnsuspecting rides were the greatest as he would bank into the turns and then we would see the Dusenburg speedster fly right by us. Very cool to find that photo. ~matt
  3. As for the wirte-up on the show, it can be found in the April edition of Makes and Models Magazine. I was very fornaute to be a part of such a great cause in that we hosted nearly 140 cars. From Exotics to the Extreme, the turn out was outrageous. We will be expnading into a larger venue in Central Florida for next years occasion as well as having a larger ccategory of classes for participants. Included are a couple of links to photos of the days events. ~matt
  4. I know of a yellow racer in Milwaukee. About 5 years ago, I was attending a WAAR event and there was a 1913 racer going around the track. Holding on and going at all out speeds was something that fueled my passion to get a teen car. Eventually I will be there. Just have to sell the convertible and well, the search will be on.
  5. nice. I wonder if anyone of the performance heads here has ran these plugs.
  6. '65 Pontiac GTO post sedan in Regal Red w/ the Black interior and a 4speed. ^^^dad's car and my favroite pic for muscle car^^^
  7. I am glad that it was a great turn out. By chance do you have any pictures of the show field? Regards, Matt
  8. UBB60-ML-268213-ML- Sorry, Matt and folks responding. Had to move it to the R&R to be consistent with the forum's purpose. Regards, Peter J. Heizmann
  9. Welcome... Just popped onto your site and it's pretty cool! ~Matt
  10. My father has always driven classic beetles. I wanted to be different and moved to classic American, but came back to my VW's. I received the body as part of a friends divorce. She wanted it out of the yard and said I could take it whenever. Well... look where I am at now. Free is a very good price.
  11. But does any one know who will take a 22yr old?
  12. I am looking to get a recently acquired car up on the road and I need insurance. The question is what insurance company do you use to insure your ride Thanks, Matt
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Sixty six, I live on the north end of town...Pine Ridge Subdivision. What kind of cars interest you? My interest is pre WWII, primarily Full Classics. </div></div> Golden Gate Estates. I am generally seen driving around in a VW powered rail buggy when the weather permits [no hurricanes]. The car I am rebuilding is a 1966 VW Beetle Convertible, but I have much love for the Pre-War American Iron [fav. goes to the Buicks of the 35-40 model years]. I generally see a group of guys parked outside of Perkins on my drive into work on Saturdays. Unforantually, Saturdays I have to be at Harley Davidson by 8:30am. You seem to be pretty active in the Naples/Marco region. How has the membership been. I last attended a meeting about three years ago, when I had my '60 Elcamino. I must go to work. Take care, Matt