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  1. Hello Peecher. Thanks for your reply. You could be right, but Cylinder Nr. 2 and 12 working exactly without any problems. Coils, ignition points, condensers, everything is new. So only the ditributor terminal plates remain to be the cause of my trouble. Do you know where to get new ones? Regards Schoppi
  2. Hi guys. Got some problems with the ignition on my 36 LZ. Theres no continous sparks on Cylinder 4,6,8 and 10. All others work without problems. After several tests, the only reason for the problems seems to be in the distributor terminal plates, cause every other part is new. Does someone know where to get new ones? Best regards from Bavaria Schoppi
  3. Hi community. To finish my 36 4dr sedan I need the complete ignition lock switch (at the steering column) without lock and keys. Does anyone know where to get one? Best regards Schoppi
  4. Forgot: The car is a 1936 4 dr sedan LZ
  5. Hi Friends. To complete the interieur works, I need 2 light switches for the interieur ceiling light. The switches are located in the body between the front and the rear door on each side. Do you know where to get them? Best regards from sunny Bavaria. Oktoberfest begins in 4 weeks. See us Schoppi
  6. Hi Fr Mike. Thanks for your answer and the interesting interpretation of the fuel problems. I think, I should try all the options you told me. Shouldn´t be easy from Germany, but think it would worth it. If you´ll come to Germany, let me know. Please contact me at schoppmeyer@aol.com. Best regards from Bavaria. Schoppi
  7. Hi Friends. Need a real good backseat without backrest for my 36 4-dr sedan. Shouldn´t be rusty, should be in good condition and restorable. If there´s not a complete one, knows anybody a source to get knew pocketsprings, cause mine are very rusty and without the needed covers. Greetings from Bavaria Schoppi
  8. Hi Colin. Thanks for the offer. I just sent you an e-mail how to manage the rims. Let me know how to handle it. Thanks Best regards from Bavaria Schoppi
  9. Hi Peter. I´m Schoppi from Germany, the one with the 36 LZ. I just have the problem with the rims and cotacted Merd Adkins nearby LA. He probably will also have the needed parts for you. It will be possible to make one package with all the parts to Europe, so also the costs shouldn´t be to high. I´ll send you Merv´s address with an e-mail. Regards from sunny Bavaria Schoppi
  10. Hi friends. Thanks for your replys. I just contacted Merv Adkins nearby LA. He told me, that he have the correct rims for my car. I only have now the problem to take the rims to Bavaria. But that´s another story. thanks a lot from sunny Bavaria Schoppi
  11. Hi hwellens. Thanks for your quick answer. My Plymouth is a PB, not a PN. I just tried to do the works you wrote, but it doesn´t work without the electric fuel pump. Also the idling arm is ok. I think I have to choose the only possibility, to drive now with the electrical pump. Thanks from sunny Bavaria Schoppi
  12. Hi guys. I own a Plymouth PN 32 4-dr sedan for more than 20 years in Germany and took a lot of great distance rides in Europe. Stayed in Spain, Italy (more than 10 times, also in Sizilia) Dutch, Cechoslovakia, Netherlands France (3 times in Paris) and Austria, Svizzerland and the other Countries along the German border. After more than probably 20000 miles (not under the sea) I got a problem with the fuel pump. I just got a new one from "Old parts Tom" and it looked alike the one that was built in. But going around 45 miles, the fuelpump didn´t do its job very well. There was no fuel coming up to the carb. So the engine was firing and shooting, cause there was not enough fuel. Now we install an electric fuel pump to the mechanical one, and now it works. What is the problem with the mechanical one? I do not want to make the seller be angry about this problem, but I drove the car nearly half the globe without any problem, and with the new mechanical pump I only had problems. Sorry about my bad English. Best regards from Bavaria. Schoppi PS: Is there anybody from the forum that comes to the Oktoberfest? Please let me know it.
  13. Hello friends. As some people know the story of the restoration of my 36 4-dr sedan in Germany, I now have a great problem. After finishing the chassis, doing new door-panels with good stuff from restoration specialties getting back al the instruments and cluster from a good done job here by specialists nearby Nürnberg, I know want to set the car on new tyres. I got them from Coker Tyres, one year ago. So I took the wheels with the old tyres on to my friend´s tyre shop to dismantle the old tyres. After this fob, I saw, that the rims have different diameters and different height. 3 rims have a diameter of 17 1/2", 2 have 17". The height of the 3 is 5 1/4", of the 2 is 5". What is the correct measure of the rims? an where could I get the missing rims? Best regards from sunny Bavaria. Is there anybody coming to Oktoberfest this year? Please letme know. Schoppi
  14. Indeed. It´s the manifold I´m looking for. Thanks Schoppi
  15. Hello Enthusiasts. A call from Bavaria to all Plymouth PB owners. I need a collector for my friends PB 32. It´s broken after a non wee done welding. Is there anybody who would sell one? Don´t need a NOS, a good condition, used one would help. Thanks from nearby Munich Schoppi
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