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  1. Thank You for the information!
  2. I have a 64 GTO that is numbers matching that has gone through a complete frame off restoration. I see on ebay people selling T3 headlights "with lines" and "without lines". I am trying to make my car as original as possible. Which is correct? Thanks!
  3. Craig, I live in Aurora Colorado. I would highly suggest you contact "Level One Restoration" in Golden Colorado. His cell number is 303 590 4612. If you want quality work on ANY car he's the guy. He's done alot of cars that have won national 1st place's at big shows. I have a 64 GTO that has won many awards nationally and 3 major magazine and book publications. Plus if you need parts he can usually hook you up. His name is Gary Riley. Tell him Brian sent you. Good Luck! Brian
  4. Still looking for these belts guys. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the info guys! I'll check out some other shows.
  6. Excuse me for being a newbie but I have a dumb question. I am trying to plan for a couple of car shows to attend this summer. I live in Denver Colorado and I am interested in the Glidden Tour. 1. Is this a regular AACA car show event that I could earn a senior award at? I've already earned my 1st Junior award in Denver in 2005. 2. Does my 64 Pontiac GTO qualify? Or is it too new? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks. Brian
  7. Not sure if they are the same or not. I would have to see a pic. If you have a phone number or email for him I'll contact him. Thanks!
  8. Need correct BLACK 64 GTO Seat Belts in good to great condition. They will be stamped "Irving Air Chute" on the back. Thanks.
  9. Need correct BLACK 64 GTO seat belts. They must be in excellent condition. Correct 64 belts will have "Irving Air Cute" stamped on the back. Thanks.
  10. I have just attended my first AACA meet in Northglenn Colorado. It was a "Dual" meet that combined the Western Fall meet and the Grand National meet. So many words come to mind to describe my experience! WOW!! Awesome!!! Fun!!! Friendly!!! and most of all "Nice People!!! I own a 1964 GTO and did not know what to expect at this show and it's members. Afterall this club has Duesenburgs, Jaguars, Packards etc. and I just did not know the reception my wife and I would receive in this club. Maybe that was narrow minded on my part I will accept. I can tell you that we had a great time and were accepted by all that we had the pleasure to meet. There were new aquiantences and friends made! This show surpassed all my hopes of what the AACA was about! I took the judging school and was lucky enough to sit beside a Senior Master Judge. He immediately introduced himself and I told him I was brand new to the club. He said welcome and we proceded to talk like we knew each other well. We talked about each others cars and the AACA. He owns Cadillacs and I a musclecar. What a combination, but it didn't matter. I then met another member of the club, National Director Terry Bond. He was also a very geniune person. He actually sat down with my wife and I and told us more about the club. For a national officer to sit down and talk to brand new members, says a hell of alot to me about Terry Bond's character and this club. Thank You Terry for making us feel welcome!! We had dinner at the awards banquet and met yet another National Director and past National President of AACA Samuel High and his wife. They too were very friendly and encourging to attend more meets and get involved. He told us of his car collection and his current job as director. Again a very nice couple with alot of knowledge about AACA and willing to share it with the new kids on the block. I say Thank You Sam!! I know this is a long post but I feel the need to share my first experience with those of you still out there that have not joined the AACA. JOIN!!!!! You will not be sorry!!! The people we met at this meet were nice, friendly and knowledgable. This is a club of scooters, motorcycles, brass cars, sports cars, muscle cars, water cars and all the others in between that have proven CAN co-exist with each other in one great club! This is what a good car club is all about. Great cars, motorcycles and great people. Thank You all who made our experience a great one to remember! Maybe some day I too will welcome in the new kid on the block. I hope I will see you all again next year at another meet when I will be attempting to go for my "Senior" award! I'm hooked.
  11. So are you guys saying that the judges will ask us to take off a spark plug wire to check the plugs and the number?
  12. Thanks for the input and info! I think I have almost concluded that the opaque white washer jar is correct. Yes I will be at the AACA meet in Denver at the end of July. This will be my first experience with the AACA club car show. I just found out about the club in December and I joined right away! This is the kind of car club I've wanted to join for a long time. By the way, are you a GTO judge for AACA? Yes I do agree that all car lovers can and should co-exist to better the hobby and preserve its history for others to enjoy. I hate to see responses such as those above. Those type of comments tend to only divide us. I for one love all types of cars and all the different years. It would be boring to me to just look at one era of cars at a car show. There's so much variety at these types of shows and so much for me to learn and to teach my two boys. This is what I love about the AACA. Thanks again! Coming to Denver for the meet?
  13. Thank You to all that have responded with useful information! I have requested a National officer contact some of the GTO judges to have them give their input on this question. Stay tuned for their responses I hope. Brian
  14. If you have nothing positive to add here don't post! I thought most car guys here were of the same creed , I guess not. Stick to your pre war cars if that your passion and we'll be fine, everyone is not like you. I do not disrespect other car club members simply because they are not into GTO's. There are other interest out there. This was a serious question that I needed an answer to before I show my car at an AACA National meet this summer. It may trivial to you but not to me and maybe others who do read these posts to get valuable information. In case you have forgotten that's what these boards are for , to exchange information to make our cars better and "correct". Anybody else who has useful info please respond. Thank You!
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