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  1. It's for a trunk or rumble seat, but I know not for what car.
  2. I certainly could not ask for better friends than they are. I may just go get some tickets!
  3. If you go to YouTube and type in "1931 Dodge" or "John Keiser", you can see some older videos of the car on the road and the story about it.
  4. Just want to thank you for this post. I just got my 1931 DB coupe brakes rebuilt and your information on those neoprene insert style washers for the brake lines was fantastic! They are the most AWESOME items! Not a single drip!
  5. Well....it has been about 5 years since the planets were aligned enough for me to get my 1931 DB 2 person coupe back on it's feet and running. Thank you so very much to my friends, Pete Bedia and his friend Sarge for all that they did for me. They brought an extra 1931 DB engine up to me from Los Angeles. While they were here, they helped my replace the master and wheel cylinders, bought me a new battery and got most of the new wire loom hooked up. I still have some wiring to figure out, but they must have done something correct because it actually started up! As soon as I get the rest of the
  6. Here is the 1932 Plymouth item....
  7. Not sure what year the item is I showed, but pretty certain yours would be VERY similar.
  8. 1958 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon....
  9. So very sorry to hear this. Remember the good times.
  10. Yeah....my walk around town is completely different now as I see all of the folks who lost everything.
  11. Took a walk through our little, burned up town and spotted this 1960 Thunderbird. Life goes on after the firestorm.
  12. My good friend, Tony and his wife Terri lost everything a few blocks away from us. His VWs were mostly all burned to the ground. Karmann Ghia, Myers Manx and a bug & a van or two....
  13. keiser31


    Willys and Whippet had those caps. looks to be a 1931 given the ten spokes per wheel. Earlier cars had 12 spokes.
  14. High pressure water from a fire hose will destroy almost anything if not sprayed as a fan spray. As far as the insurance goes, when a friend's home here in Oregon burned down, he was allotted so much for all of his belongings, furnishings and home. He and I practically rebuilt a new home by ourselves and he was covered and had some left over. He just had to have that money in a separate account. Don't know how it works elsewhere.
  15. Wow! The devastation around here is SO much worse than expected. We got home this afternoon to our little home and our block still standing. We are SO happy, but very sad at the same time. Our town is mostly gone, but as the Phoenix always does, we will rise from the ashes. The house doesn't stink of smoke, so I guess we are back for the duration. The only real loss besides the refrigerator and freezer and stuff in them was my 1931 Dodge car cover. It suffered as my neighbor hosed down the house, garage and car with fire hoses. We are counting our blessings and we want to thank you all so very
  16. Looks like tomorrow we will be able to return to our little home. I cannot wait! Pretty certain it will be stinky, but it still stands and I shed tears of joy about that.
  17. They have someone in custody who started a second fire on the west side of Phoenix. He was a homeless man. The Bear Creek and greenway next to it are where most of our homeless population set up camps. they have fires there a LOT, but the police do sweeps and get them out of there.
  18. Did something stupid when I left. I was in such a hurry I left my truck at a friend's home without the key....in front of her neighbor's mailbox. He is not a happy camper. Oh, well. Thank you all so much for the concern and well wishes. Hope to be home soon.
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