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  1. ^Way too many differences.
  2. What body style? The seats vary from coupe to sedan to open cars.
  3. keiser31

    P2 numbers

    That is a manufacturer's plate and has the company name imprinted on it. They are being reproduced. Similar to this Dodge Brothers plate....
  4. Try Steele.... or Metro....
  5. The horn button actually sets it off nicely as the dash has various tones, too.
  6. If the doors don't sag, the wood is probably very good. What a great little car!
  7. 1925 W-K looks correct, but those suicide doors....
  8. I'd be calling some of the local body shops to see if there is a similar truck there being worked on....
  9. Try here for information, too....
  10. You might look at 1930 Chrysler CJ6 wheels. They may be the same....
  11. Top and front views would be helpful.
  12. What other parts do you need and PLEASE post photos of the car for us. We LOVE photos.
  13. As long as the cap looks like this on the bottom, it should fit....
  14. EDIT: Many caps will fit your car. Most any that have the base shape as these will work. From my past experiences with the 1931 DBs I have and have seen, if your car has two front door hinges, you should have the cap shown above. If the car has three hinges on the front doors, THIS is the cap that you need. This is speculation as I do not have written proof.
  15. They were probably added due to sagging or weak original springs. I would got here for specs or originals....I used them to make my 1931 DB springs that were broken.
  16. This 1933 DeSoto has the deco grille inside the horn....little different shape, though....
  17. Sorry for the hijack, Ron. I HAVE been telling a lot of folks about the car, so maybe that will stir up a buyer.
  18. Sometime you can load it onto YouTube and then save the link to this site.
  19. HOORAY! Great going. Are we going to see it running in a video in the near future?
  20. The Hudson and Essex caps had many more facets (12 sides) and are lower and wider than the cap in question.