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  1. Is there a number or name on it?
  2. For me, it's working on stuff alone.
  3. Yep. Looks like it's gone already. That's a LOT of car for that price.
  4. You can tell the difference between real and fake radiator ornaments, too. The "pewter" look is a dead giveaway.
  5. My Dad's Ford wagon with us five kids in it....
  6. My dad had a red one with a black top and interior. I LOVED driving that car. It was VERY nimble and fast for a large car.
  7. This tool by Keith Baron works for me....
  8. The quarter can be used anywhere U.S. currency is accepted. Each state has their own artwork, but the quarter itself is universal.
  9. I was thinking Monte Carlo or other GM product.
  10. The 1927 exterior visor on the Model 50 is a lot smaller.
  11. Looks to be a 1926 Chrysler Model 58 by the look of the headlamp bezel design, the large visor over the windshield and the non-bullet shaped headlamps.
  12. Dust bowl refugees....my mother-in-law is the baby pictured....she'll be 94 in two days....
  13. Try Rare Parts. They may have stuff that is not in the online catalog.
  14. For information and price evaluation, try to contact my friend, Galen Govier on this link. He is an expert on these cars. http://galengovier.com/
  15. I can very well be an R/T SE. The SE is a trim package such as the formal vinyl roof which has a smaller rear window and a few other items.
  16. 1955 Dodge and DeSoto. The 1956 Dodge has the push button automatic.
  17. Yep. Looks like a White to me, too.
  18. It's a 1930 by the look of the beltline reveal contour, but maybe titled as a 1932.
  19. Try an alignment first. It worked well for my 1931 Dodge. Someone had installed two extra shims on the axle/leaf spring assembly and the extras were broken. Removed those, aligned it and no more death wobble.
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