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  1. Spooky.....and very cool that it came to you that way.
  2. John....feel free to change the subject if you will continue to show us such rare and/or custom rides.
  3. A friend near me made motorcycle turn signal lenses using the very same method, but with very hard plastic. When he showed one of them to me he threw it onto the concrete floor as hard as he could...not a chip or scratch...I was VERY impressed.
  4. I just have to add....I now look at the daunting projects on my 1931 Dodge as much less daunting and actually attainable thanks to you, Dean. The descriptions and details that you give are very inspirational. I realize now that if you look at the project as each small project area instead of seeing the overall "looming beast needing attention", it moves forward easier. Many, many thanks to you for posting in the manner that you do. John
  5. Dean.....what is the material that you used for the gray stuff?
  6. F&J.....Absolutely FANTASTIC body work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Here are a couple of closer shots....
  8. Pat, That is the way I have always seen it and heard it should be with the pattern for those years. Here is my running board material. This is an n.o.s. board with the rubber and trim. I believe the old floor mat in my Dodge coupe was the very same pattern with the border. Remembering of course that if you leave a margin that the four cylinder cars (Plymouth) have a narrower cowl.
  9. Pat.....Very nice. How many others have retired from their businesses and still help out by trying to build and promote someone's business?
  10. Yes.....some sort of roller tappet.
  11. We are TOTALLY NOT sick of your photos. Keep 'em coming. My wife wishes you were my neighbor so that you could educate me.
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dean_H.</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Fantastic wood work Alan! Very impressive, and you only started a few months back??? If your body fits well and the doors close, that's it, I'll stop posting pictures of mine and go into hiding. </div></div> Dean....don't even tease us with the horrible thought that you will stop posting pictures of your car! That thought is way too scary to think about.
  13. I thought that it looked kind of rare. I have never seen another. Any idea of the production numbers on that year and style car?
  14. Dean...I just GOTTA keep laughing about how ridiculously talented you are. And that dashboard looks like it will only need cleaning and a little touching up!
  15. Is there actually a seat in the rear of this car or at least room to fit one?
  16. I am not sure, but you may check the opposite side of the frame. The import cars may have the number there. My dad was an exec at Chrysler Export/Import for 37 years, but not in those early days.
  17. Oh.....I see now that the car is right hand drive.....Are you in Australia?
  18. Here is the one in my book. John
  19. Usually over the rear riser area over the rear axle on the frame there will be numbers stamped on the driver's side of the frame. Take a wire brush and brush the outside of the frame and look just in front of the rear axle. Your car looks like a 1929 K. The 1930 CK did not come with cowl lamps, I believe. The 1929 K cost $885.00 new and weighed 2,645 pounds.
  20. After seeing that conversion on the steering sector housing, all I can say is NICE! NICE! NICE! And oh yeah...I'm giddy and it isn't even MY car!
  21. Bigger is probably better and your secret is safe with me.
  22. Dude....your are un$&^##@%(&^% believable!! Were you a tool and die maker in your previous life or do you really have a magic wand?
  23. Wasn't that car bought at one time for $500.00?
  24. Sorry.....I meant to say that my step mother's father from Marysville, Michigan worked for Kissel Kar in Wisconsin. The Wills Saint Claires were made in Marysville, Michigan. My mistake.
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