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  1. I believe that there are no such animals as "shop" manuals for the early thirties Dodge Brothers cars. I have never seen any from 1928 through 1933. I have two 1931 Dodges and have researched this for 40 years. There are only "instruction" books. I would pay $1,000.00 for a 1931 Dodge Brothers car "shop" manual. I could be mistaken, but I have looked and looked. I have a lot of information on the '31s and '32s. John 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 wood wheeled business coupe (my first car) 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 wire wheeled business coupe
  2. It is very doubtful that the windshields for the 6 & 8 cylinder Dodge Brothers cars interchange in 1930. I am into 1931 Dodges and know a lot about 1930s & 1931s. I will tell you that the 1931 DH6 & DG8 windshields do NOT interchange. There are a lot of differences such as front fender lengths, hood length, headlamp size and shape (more bullet-like and larger on the 8s), etc. If you email me, I can supply you with information for a guy who is pretty much the expert on 1930 Dodge Brothers cars. John at keiser31@charter.net Got a picture of your car to post?
  3. Good for you on getting your car back! They should hang car thieves just as they did horse thieves, not just arrest them and then let them go a few minutes later to steal another car. I have had a collector car stolen and stripped and it is an awful feeling to have to re-restore a car you have already finished once.
  4. Here is a cool pedal car in a gas station in Vancouver, Washington.
  5. Anybody know what this car is that my grandmother and her mink are in? Looks like Cadillac or LaSalle. She was well off and lived in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
  6. The neighbor across the street from me had a 1969 GTO convertible 4 speed ram-air monster that got rear ended. Totalled!! He went out and bought a new Fastback Mustang 500KR. I could here that beast start up wherever I was.
  7. Oh man...I-75!! My neighbor two doors down from me in Royal Oak had a B5 blue Hemi Super Bee 4 speed white vinyl top and interior that he used to race on I-75. He took me for a ride one evening when traffic was thin on I-75 and yanked the wheels off the ground!! My very first wheely that wasn't on a bicycle. WOW!!
  8. This looks like some sort of dash light. Anybody know what it is for?
  9. I have had this for quite a few years. Nobody seems to know what it is. Looks like some sort of convertible top hold down for either the front edge or rear edge. Part number is C2AB-7162440-B and says WF41 on one side of the oval.
  10. Not as young as the little tykes, but here is me with my first car at 16 years old. 1931 Dodge Brothers DH 6 business coupe. Still got it. Then me at 55 with my second 1931 DB DH6.
  11. O.K...I am not a Packard guy, but ran across this lamp using Packard radiator caps.
  12. First name actually looks like "Frank".
  13. That is because they were good cars and popular with the rutted roads. They were as sturdy as the REO (Ransom E. Olds) trucks.
  14. The hood shape and trap door on top of the hood remind me of a big REO.
  15. I remember one evening when cruising Big Boy's north and running across these three guys in a beer bottle brown Firebird. They were kicking EVERYONE'S butts on I75 and Woodward. Here they were in their white shirts and thin ties racing this mild looking car with a very stock-looking appearance. Hmmm...how could THAT be? I had to check their ride out and even test it. Well, I tested them alright. The only other cars that could beat me were Corvettes and Hemi cars and these guys STOMPED me and everyone who raced them. Turned out to be the first Trans Am and the guys were GM engineers from GM Tec
  16. A friend of mine has a 1915 Saxon. Email me at keiser31@charter.net and I can supply you with his phone number. He may have extra parts or know where to locate some. John
  17. I have been into Chrysler products since I was a kid in the 50's and have studied everything from prototypes to actual production cars and have never seen anything like your item. I suggest that it may have come off of a Chrysler built boat of some sort. I know that Chrysler made parts for Gar Wood Boat Company in Marysville, Michigan during WW2. They made a lot of Navy personnel boats. The manual switch would sort of make sense if bow mounted.
  18. A couple of brothers from Royal Oak each had a 1964 GTO hardtop. They were beasts. One was gold and the other red and they were both raised high for headers and big meats on the back. Man those two cars were the screaminest. Another neighbor I knew had one of those giant Bonnevilles or something like that with some sort of lightweight frame. He showed me the big holes in the frame and I thought the engine would twist that frame, it was so powerful. In fact, I think he called it a factory lightweight or some such name. I used to hang out near the MOPAR guys like Jimmy Addison and the Silver Bul
  19. Great shot of the Pontiac. My neighbor across the street from me in Royal Oak had one of those that was a burgundy convertible with a white top. What a car!
  20. I remember one night in my dark green '68 Roadrunner when I raced a '67 Pontiac Firebird. That guy got caught, but I kept on driving. That was at 12 mile and Woodward. I made it to the street where Arby's Roast Beef was and made a hard right down the street and then a hard left up some guy's driveway. Put out the lights, ducked down and counted three Johnny laws from Royal Oak tear down the street looking for me. Man, I was shaking like the proverbial leaf. We walked up to Arby's leaving the Runner in that driveway. A little while later a buddy who was with me went and got my car. We cruised h
  21. Ahhh....Woodward. I think I am going to write a book about street racing on Woodward. I wish I could have made it to the Dream Cruise this year, but the memories keep me there.
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