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  1. Dean_H.: Thanks so much for posting the window trim photo. That is exactly what I needed to see. The lower trim molding looks like almost the same as my 1931 Dodge piece. I have been tracking this restoration and am wondering....what is the time period in which all of this work was done? Is this going on as we speak or were some of these old restoration photos? It seems to be moving along faster than any restoration I have seen in the past. I do want to thank you for using this site and inspiring me to get off my butt and work on my '31. Thank you! Since I first saw this restoration progress,
  2. I do not want to brag, but I do know and have a lot of valuable information on the early Chrysler cars. The fact that my Dad worked for Chrysler Export/Import Division on Wyoming Avenue in Detroit has had me quite interested since childhood. If anyone out there has any questions about Chrysler restorations, I may be able to help. keiser31@charter.net
  3. Well, I'll be dipped! It DOES look like that Alfa. Good eye!
  4. The top of the "T" is about 2 3/4" long. From top to swivel connection is about 4 3/4" long.
  5. Sorry about the size of the photo....I have not figured out the reduction process, yet.
  6. Does anyone know what this nickel plated T-handle goes to or even what it does?? I was thinking some sort of seat adjustment handle maybe? The connection on the end is of the swivel ball and socket type.
  7. Rolls down one hill and can hardly make it up the next??
  8. That "trunk badge" is pretty thick....almost looks like a LUCAS license plate light.
  9. I have seen FEDCO plates on a ton of early Chryslers. I have owned some early Chryslers that had the plates. One was a 1926 Chrysler 58 4-door sedan and another was a 1929 Chrysler 75 rumble seat roadster. I also had a couple of early Chrysler dashboards that had them. I used to be the president of the WPC Club (Walter Percy Chrysler) San Diego region. I do not know how many companies used the plates. They were brass with nickel plating and riveted to the dashboards. If you look at them one way, you can see the name "CHRYSLER" on the plate. If you look at the plate on a slight angle, you can u
  10. Anybody out there know what this wheelcover is for? Looks like some others on here.
  11. The black one in front of the TF looks like an Aston Martin.
  12. It says "GL-191 10 DIA. FOR MAZDA LAMP NO. 1110 GUIDE"
  13. Dean H.: Thanks so much for posting the door photo, but what I really need to see is the interior shot of the lower window trim. The piece that is attached to the inside of the door at the bottom of the window. Thanks, John
  14. HarryJ: All of the FEDCO plates I have seen on Chryslers were nickel plated.
  15. Are you talking about a choke cable? I have never seen a hand operated throttle cable on a 1936 Plymouth.
  16. dansin1923: I forgot to tell you....Bob just wrote an article about his Dodge in a newsletter and mentioned that he would like to get together with the '23 DB business sedan owner in the Detroit area. That is probably you since the cars are so rare. John
  17. Try Bob and Mary Palmer. They have a very low mileage original 1923 DB business sedan and are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan HCCA. Their email address is: dbdriver@voyager.net
  18. I have this item for you mid to late twenties Dodge Brothers guys. Anyone interested, please email me at keiser31@charter.net
  19. The headlamp setup sort of looks like early 60s Buick Special.
  20. I would suggest going to an old car club meeting and finding the guy in the club who does restorations. Then try to talk your way into helping him out at his shop. Soon he will be having you hang fenders and sand and prep etc... That is how I started out.
  21. Yep. My book says the hubcap is for a 1928 Graham Paige wood spoker.
  22. This may sound like an odd request, but could you possibly post a better photo of the lower window molding(the part where you rest your arm when you drive)? It looks like the same profile of a piece that I have been looking for on my '31 Dodge. If it is, maybe the piece from a Hupp coupe would fit my car.
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