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    Nice work....we could all use a little McGyver in us!
  2. Not so high dollar shed find. First photo is where I spotted it. Can you see the profile? Not very easy to see, is it? Second shot is how it looked when I actually got a good view of it. The third shot is the little beauty I brought home. No rust, low miles pick-up converted to a short bed stake bed. Put a little gas in the tank, stuck a battery in it, read the starting procedure (never owned or started a '28 Model A Ford before), did what it said to do in the manual and it started right up. It ran beautifully, no smoke, no rattle and the soft steady "PPBBBBBB" of each cylinder firing! It actually came with dual side mounts that looked to be factory installed.
  3. I JUST checked it out. Just go to ebay and enter the 110...number in the search box. It'll pop up.
  4. Early Essex....1921, 1922.
  5. Always consider keeping the car you buy to restore because you may end up "stuck" with it. If you buy a car that you love and really excites you, profit is not an issue.
  6. I meant to say anything innovative BESIDES the air cooled engine?
  7. Go to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum online. You can also hit the Chrysler links to get to the Chrysler club. I may have a copy of the Chrysler Club magazine that covers the 1953 DeSoto. I will look.
  8. Better ask Ford before they go under.
  9. Look over the driver's side rear axle on the outside of the frame rail near the front spring perch. It could also be near the front by the engine behind the driver's side front wheel.
  10. We ALWAYS want to see more and more "before and after" shots. It's a HUGE part of our inspiration.
  11. So...THAT'S why they named 'em "Fire"stones...
  12. Well.....ya see wife was drivin' and she had this hot thing ya know...
  13. Brings a whole new meaning to the term "firestarter".
  14. I knew I shouldn'a pulled up too close to that Chrysler Turbine car!!
  15. Send them to me at John
  16. Saw this one on ebay a few weeks ago, so I know that they are out there.
  17. It's a very nice car. Are there any outstanding mechanical features that this car has that others of it's day do not?
  18. Yep...Ford's better idea. They have not learned how to fix the problem, but have learned how to track down F150 owners. Too bad they aren't child support collectors! And oh yeah....BURN, BABY, BURN.
  19. Go to "FORUMS" and then to "FORUM QUESTIONS" and then to "HOW TO POST A PHOTO". If I can do it, anyone can!
  20. the State Police car is real. Wouldn't it be fun to chase down someone in that car. Then where do you put 'em after you arrest them?? LOVE the 300SL front fenders.
  21. What a cool car you have there! Whatever you do...take lots of photos of the car before and during disassembly. Bag and tag ALL nuts and bolts and pieces. Even the broken nuts and bolts will tell you what you need to look for. Never throw anything off of the car away until the car is finished and even then, question yourself when you go to do so. Research, research, research!!! Go online and type in 1959 Lincoln on GOOGLE and see what comes up. There are old car libraries out there to go to for information. Go to old car swap meets. Join an old car club like the local groups near you so you can find parts and people with like interest in your car. Be certain that you have the space to take the car apart and store large pieces like fenders and doors and wheels. These things explode into many assemblies. Above all, make certain that you are and will be excited about the car for a long time so that if you have to keep it, you will enjoy it. Don't look at the overall picture of what you have to do. Sometimes it can be very overwhelming. Look at each assembly and work on it until done and go to the next one. Good luck with your new baby and HAVE FUN WITH IT! That is what the hobby is here for.
  22. At least NOW the listing calls it an 8 cylinder.