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  1. I believe the parts on the inside should be nickel. Exterior door handles and lights should be chrome.
  2. Try New Era Motors. David may know where to get that stuff. He does automotive wood work. (509)447-3212 He's in Newport, Washington
  3. My above post was merely a guess. I have tried to find markings like that on my '31 DB heads, but cannot decipher them nearly the same way or at all. Where's Harry when you need him. Harry who, by the way?
  4. Oh yeah...I remember the Ford Rotunda burning. Very sad. I was 10 years old. Here's a postcard from my collection.
  5. A friend of mine was commissioned to do the art for a man in L.A./Newport Beach, California area (Crevier BMW). These were the prelims.
  6. Yeah.......I meant UNDER the headlamp.
  7. Looks like a horn on the driver's side behind the gal.
  8. Don't know about the car, but the guy looks like Leonardo DeCaprio.
  9. What's that old saying??? "Be careful what you ask for."
  10. I think that those numbers indicate date: (27628)=27th of June, 1928 and (210100)=part number. The earlier number: (6328)=6th of March, 1928 and (210100)=part number.
  11. Thanks so much. I know now the piece that you are referring to. I have seen them on a 1929 Buick.
  12. "Fred didn't realize that he had it in reverse until it was too late". Since Manuel turned it into a photo without caption, I thought that I would add to it.
  13. O.K....I know a few Australian terms, but what is a "candlestick" on a car?
  14. F&J is correct. If your truck has a light switch at the base of the steering column (engine compartment area), you will probably have to take the switch off with the removal of the nut on the switch. After that, EASE the whole horn button and switch lever (at the upper end) out of the center of the tube. Be careful to NOT damage the horn wire in the center. There should be screws beneath the horn button collar. If yours is anything like mine, that is my procedure. John
  15. I would love it if someone now owning a car that I used to own, found me to ask about it. I have stories about each one.
  16. Yep....fixed it just like you would a Model A....baling wire.
  17. I doubt that they are wood. The company would never have used wood for something that delicate. Sometimes pot metal will separate and look like woodgrain.
  18. This is what happens to a van when the computer chip has a "brain freeze".
  19. The bumper is actually 1929 Chrysler, I believe. It is upside down and has the wrong center bumper clamp.
  20. Nothing in the book even comes close to that as far as part numbers.