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  1. Ten spoke, five rivet, small hubcap is 1928-1930, but the frame piece looks to be 1930 to me. I could be wrong.
  2. Looks to be a 1930 Oldsmobile front end....
  3. Be certain the brake shoes are adjusted prior to bleeding the brakes or you will not get a good, firm pedal.
  4. Try French Lake Auto Parts. http://www.frenchlakeautoparts.com/search.htm
  5. Good information to know!
  6. I am concerned about the seat belt and shoulder belt mounts. Are they actually mounted to the chassis and body steel or just the wood structure?
  7. Marmon. Not sure of the year. Looks like maybe a 1920....
  8. I'm gonna say about a 1925 Cleveland.
  9. What a cool score! Looks like a 1920's auto shop class item.
  10. Love the idea Peter. I would not know how to sort it all, but it sounds great.
  11. I agree with the Oldsmobile i.d....the hubs are the same, too.
  12. Looks a lot like this 1917 White town car....
  13. Looks more like a customized 1932 Chevrolet with a painted radiator shell to me. No cowl tank like a Model A.
  14. These are the Buick caps....
  15. I agree. Somebody mated to parts that normally do not go together. The bottom cap with the '8' is a Buick item, but not the lady.
  16. American Underslung. Maybe 1914.
  17. If I were you, I would put down a few towels below the lamp in case it drops out of your taillight bucket or hand.
  18. I have also learned that there is always more to learn about these old vehicles.
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