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  1. 3 hours ago, PlymouthPE said:

    Partially showing in the 4th picture looks to be a “formfit trunk” which was an accessory item for 1934 Plymouth’s.

    If so and from same car as fender than it may be a 34 fender?


    1934 fender is different....

    1934 Plymouth fender.jpg

  2. Ohhhh boy, did my Dad have a huge influence on me when it came to cars? YES! In my very early days, my Dad nurtured my attraction to cars. Got me lots of toy cars & trucks, a cool pedal car, and let me help him while he worked on the family cars. He took my brother and me to the Greenfield Village Old Car Festival every October starting at a very young age. He worked for Chrysler Export-Import Division in Detroit. He took us to all of the new Chrysler car unveiling each year and we got promotional models. Some of which I still have in my display case. He took us to the Indianapolis 500 time trials and races a few times. He took us to local stock car races and we were in car heaven. We would go on hunts for cars all over Michigan and sometimes Canada. I remember one evening we trekked into Canada to look at a Chrysler Airflow. My Mom said, "no." My Dad bought a 1931 Dodge Brothers coupe in 1959. I was 7 years old and I loved it! I helped him take the car apart in order to paint it. There it sat until I was in junior high school. I used to hide in it's trunk during our neighborhood "hide and seek" games. The other kids never found me. My Dad gave me that 1931 Dodge when I turned 15. I still have it. I wish Dad was still with us.


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  3. 1 minute ago, Dave Mellor NJ said:

    Those headlights on the Willys-Knight look right with the rim in the back but it has no tie bar

    There IS a tie bar. Look closely to see badges attached to it.

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