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  1. 27 minutes ago, JACK M said:

    Well about twenty maybe 30 years ago I stepped up to a pretty nice 35 MM Cannon.

    Got a couple of lens for it. One zooms right nicely.

    I even bought some of those tinted lens things to ad affect.

    A good flash, on and on.

    New enough that it is pretty much point and shoot.

    It was a lot of money for me back then, and I was broken hearted when it became obsolete just about over night.

    I probably haven't looked at it in all this time but it sits in the back of my closet.

    Any takers? almost free. Blue light special.....

    I sold my Canon AE-1 35 mm camera years ago and regretted it. Coming out of Prineville, Oregon (translates as remote) one day, we came across a yard sale at a farm. The guy sold me a practically unused Canon AE-1 with tons of lenses for about $100.00. I was ELATED! Best camera I ever had. Then about a month later, EVERYTHING went digital. Bummer.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, John_S_in_Penna said:



    It is a good picture, and finding an authentic house to

    match the era of a car might be difficult in some towns.


    If you don't mind a friendly suggestion:  The house looks

    like a late 1910's to mid-1930's style.  The car and the

    house are appropriately of the same era.  Yet the house

    looks a bit time-worn and not well kept, as if it had been

    around for many decades at the time of the picture.  In the era

    of that car, the house would have looked new or almost new.


    I probably notice historic architecture more than others, though.

    Yep. The home was in pretty poor shape and was being remodeled. After I took the photo, some homeless person took up residence in there and burned it to the ground.

  3. 2 minutes ago, keithb7 said:

    See @keiser31, that is exactly what I'm talking about right there.  That's a great photo that could have easily been captured in 1935. Great job. Thanks for sharing. 


    I have an old tweed suitcase. A fedora hat. I need some old shoes and a pin stripped double breasted suit. Oh, and a tommy gun with a 100 round circular clip. That, I'll never find. A violin or cello case may have to suffice.

    My buddy Mike Diaz and my car....


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  4. 2 hours ago, JACK M said:

    I have never heard of a pumkin that even could be installed upside down.

    But what do I know.


    That shop in Oceanside should reimburse your tow and fix it while they buy you a lunch.

    I had to replace the rear pumpkin in my 1936 Dodge Brothers touring sedan once. I installed it upside down by mistake. I tried to back it out of the garage and it went forward and into the garage wall. My Dad said, "REVERSE....put it in REVERSE" I said I did and he started laughing his butt off. He knew what I had done. I had three reverse gears and one forward gear. YES....they CAN be put in upside down.


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