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  1. Would be interesting if he had wrapped that rope around his hand so he couldn't let go!!
  2. does anyone know where I can get a few of the new rubber bulbs for the old brass bulb horns?
  3. Are you sure such a thing exists? My cars do not have such an item.
  4. Does anyone recognize this transmision? I am sure it was not original behind a '25 DB 4 cyl. Any thoughts on what it is from?
  5. All the help here got me to measuring and looking closer to what I have. Turns out my '24 has the smaller spindles. I can use the '22 wheels with no modification. All my spare '24 hubs are the large size so I can just make a couple shims and use those on the '22 and keep my original small '24 hubs in case I ever want to go the other way again. Thanks for all the input.
  6. Free un-cut frame(1926) if you want to come to Houston to get it.
  7. Nice to know, except that really doesn't help much with what I was doing. Without the larger bearing hubs for the wood spoke wheels, I was planning to put the '23 small bearing axle that will fit the wood spokes I have on my '24. That leaves me putting a '24 large bearing axle or spindles on the '23 which would take the disc wheel large bearing hubs. Except now I am understanding the '24 axle will not fit the '23. Does anyone know if the spindles are interchangeable between the '23 and '24? I was advised to just swap the spindles but do they actually fit that way? I sure wish I had two '24 wood spoke front hubs so I would not have this whole issue since the '23 hubs can be shimmed to accept the disc hubs. Has anyone found a way to fit the small hubs to the larger bearing spindles?
  8. I am thinking of this from an old edition of DBC news. Only I just do not need another project right now but this sure is interesting. Couldn't take more than a couple days wood working.
  9. Then would someone happen to have a pair spare wood spoke large bearing hubs and a pair of small bearing steel disc hubs? That would make things easier.
  10. I took the front hubs off the '23 so I can convert my '24 to wood spokes. I need to put disc wheel hubs on the '23 but I am finding the hubs/bearings are larger for the '24. I have extra '24 front axle with spindles for the discs but is it an un-bolt and bolt on job switching the axles between '23 and '24? Fortunately the rears were a perfect swap.
  11. I can do almost anything but I need plans to work from. Is a speedster easy to make from straight pieces of wood like a Truck Builder Body? A truck builder body looks easy to build. Does anyone have plans and photos for a speedster?
  12. The car was sold to me as a 1924. I am told the serial number indicates it was built in November 1922. That date was apparently a year split when it is actually called a 1923. Just because I painted a year model on the hood means nothing except I was trying to slow down the inquiries from many passers-by if it was 1940s or 30s. Some people just don't have a clue.
  13. It could be a tow truck if someone puts a tow bed on it.
  14. I have posted the '23 for sale but still toying with what to do with it. Are there plans for a "truck builders body" anywhere so I could possibly just build a new body for it?
  15. Was just looking at a 1911 Hudson. Very similar rear half leaf suspension but without the cross leaf and bar.