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  1. Ken check the entire length of the pickup tube and filter for cracks. I had the same thing happen to my motorhome and when the pan was dropped the ass'y fell into the pan. Any small crack will let the pump cavitate when the oil warms up. Good Luck, Dave
  2. Try this address, the bca 51-53 advisor. bstoneberg@ev1.net <bstoneberg@ev1.net>. Good luck with your project. Dave
  3. Heidi is correct . Just don't try to clean the contacts with power on!!!!! Good luck with your project. Dave
  4. Look in the fender well and see if there is a removable cover plate to service the evaporator. My 1961 Starfire has the same arrangement. Dave
  5. When you do the final ass'y it is probably wise to put the F/L as close to the battery as possible. That will give you maximum protection. If the F/L is three feet from the battery you have three feet of unprotected wire that can cause a fire. It is always best to protect any circuit as near to the power source as possible. Good luck with your project, Dave
  6. I have an old spotlight with the name "SHOT-LITE" embossed in the pistol grip. It was mounted in the glass of a flat windshield through a 2" hole. Can anyone tell me something about it????? Thanx, Dave
  7. I believe you can use the kit that Snyder's supplies for model "A" 1928-1931 Since they also had two rear lights. Go to;http://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/modelaparts/CowlLightTurnSignals You will find a complete description of their kit which should do what you are asking. Good luck with your project, Dave
  8. I finally found the answer. Go to" VarcoInc .com"
  9. Where can I find a trunk and a trunk rack for a 1928 Olds F-28 with the spare mounted on the rear ?????
  10. One thing not to overlook is to clean and secure all ground connections and if there is not a strap from engine to frame add one. Good luck with your project, Dave
  11. Go to "vintagehotrods.net" on your address bar. Go down the left side to "wire & fuses" You will get two very nice charts that tell you what fuse to use for each item (RADIO) etc. The other chart tells you what size wire to use for each item such as "PANEL LITES", "BRAKE LITES"etc. You can get reproduction wire at www.magnetoparts.com/wire.htm Good luck with your project. Dave
  12. What kind of top dressing or coating can I use to restore and waterproof the dried out fabric on my "28 Olds
  13. What kind of fluid is used in my '28 Olds fuel gauge ??? The manual says to use only K.S. Telegage fluid ????
  14. What is the recommended modern lubricant for the tranny and diffy on the 1928 Olds F-28?????
  15. I have a 1928 Olds F-28 The carburetor is a Schebler MOC-U-1. Does anyone know if this carb. was used on any other vehicle??? Who is the best rebuilder (restorer) of this type carb.????
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