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  1. Hello i have a 48 royal club coupe , will your stuff work on a royal coupe and if so how much for what will work and nos or used Jim
  2. Hello do you still have the bumper for sale for the 1960 pontiac, please let me know Jim
  3. Thanks to all of you who helped, it does have the spotlight drivers side, signals ,heater, E brake light ,clock and radio, Thank You James
  4. can someone decode this for me please ,here is the vin number C3893129 and this is the door tag 70590687 Thanks James
  5. thanks for the great information guys, i think i will leave this one alone till spring time since it is buried in snow right now, James
  6. Got it Fred , and i sent you one back , to me any 46 to 48 chrysler product looks great, James
  7. What a nice coupe, i have a 48 chrysler New Yorker Coupe , its in pieces right now but one day it will cruise down the road , do you have any more information on the 48 royal or could you get some for me, my email is dieseldust@telus.net Cheers James
  8. Not sure can not make out whats on the side or dash, i was just curious when i saw the crown on the window trim , its for sale and the guy will take 1500 for it, its in Alberta some where. James
  9. Hello Bob i have to ask sorry but how much could i buy your 31 for. Cheers James
  10. Have a look at this one, if i had some extra cash it would be in my driveway at that price. http://longisland.en.craigslist.org/cto/1186776701.html
  11. Dave from what i have seen so far i am pretty lucky here i think this car has been stored in heated storage for much of its life and inside for sure the paint still looks decent on it even alot of the interior is in verry good condition it is that really nice blue almost purple colour, all the dash is verry good also, i think i found a wonderful start, the only rust i have found is on the inside of the drivers rear fender. Cheers James
  12. Thanks so very much Rusty, never thought to check out local shops , so much great information on this site and great people i am glad i joined up, thanks to everyone. Cheers James
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