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  1. I still can't download pics.... Dang...
  2. Yup. Thanks. It does ha a round speedo.
  3. I bought a coupe from a lady. She claimed it was a 1941. Any help with correct ID?? 2GQ-1 7585. Tag on body says. I try to get Picts if I can figure it out..
  4. I have a 1942 48S in very respectable shape and 90% complete. The truck lid was damaged it looks like a Fleetline will they interchange? Also I want to update the chassis. This car doesn't have the top hat style frame like my 41 chevy and I don't know of any company that makes a nice fitting front end. I was noticing the rear end is way different too. Has anyone welded a Nova rear end in its spot and somehow updated the shocks for a good ride?? Please help with any info or pictures of anyone using other frames or swaps. Thanks.
  5. 1931 studebaker Rim wire wheel 1932 1930 1933 | eBay Good luck!!!
  6. I am looking to ID this headlamp. It measures about 10" where the glass would start and stop. Guessing Mercury or pontiac mayby 1934 ish???
  7. With shipping?
  8. Taking offers and possible trades.
  9. I have a pair of twins for sale. One has most of the panels done and the other is minus motor. Hunter ND 701-866-4806
  10. Thanks so much, if I bouy the ther coupe back you will be getting that piece. I will be chopping the top of the doors if I can find them and making it a roadster so if you see some damaged doors or rusty keep me in mind. Thanks