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  1. Is your trailer still for sale ? If so, can you provide the rear door dimensions and dimensions of the wheel wells inside the trailer (height and distance between them) ?
  2. Hi Steve - Thanks for the link to your trailer - it looks great and I am interested. I would appreciate a couple of dimensions - the inside distance between the wheel housings and the height of the wheel housings from the trailer floor. Also, please confirm the height of the rear door (I am very sensitive since I tore the top on my '29 Cadillac DCP when the ramp angle was too steep at a show last year). Can you tell me where the trailer is located ? I am in Detroit, MI Jay Fitzgerald
  3. I have a 1929 Cadillac with wire wheels. The Operator's Manual shows the contents of the Tool Kit, which includes a "Rim Tool" but I do not see an explanation of what it is used for or how it is used. Can anyone enlighten me ? JayT
  4. Thanks for your input - I continue to look, but don't see many out there Jay Fitzgerald
  5. I was directed to an excellent article at the ncregionaaca.com website - if you will go to that site and select "publications" then select "newsletters" then "sept-oct 2006" and subsequent issues (more than a one part article), I think you too will find useful suggestions. I also have been put off by the Featherlite pricing. I will watch your thread to see if anyone has suggestions. Jay Fitzgerald
  6. Thanks, Mike - I will watch Craig's List. Any experience with some of the vendors on EBay ? Jay
  7. I would like to buy a used but good car hauler - at least 24' long X 8.5' wide with 7' high door; 10,000# capacity, etc. Would appreciate any leads Jay Fitzgerald
  8. The message didn't say - if you are selling, I am looking for a set of splash pans for my 1929 cadillac
  9. Looking to purchase two horn mounting brackets for my '29 Cadillac 341B
  10. Dave - thanks for the lead. I called Leo -unfortunately he had sold the car you mentioned but he will follow up on some other leads for me. Best Wishes for the New Year, Jay
  11. I am interested in purchasing a Detroit Electric vehicle - preferably a 1914 coupe, but will consider other years and models.
  12. jayf

    Metallic paint

    I am replying via an unrelated e-mail that you recently sent to someone else since I didn't have your e-mail address. Rick Bloomquist of White Cloud Collections suggested you might be able to help me with a 1929 Cadillac speedometer cable and driven gear. I would appreciate any help or recommendations. Jay Fitzgerald
  13. jayf

    Metallic paint

    I need a speedometer cable complete with the driven gear for the transmission - can anyone recommend a source ?
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