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  1. NADA lists the Ford Courier 1/2 ton pick up at between $1650 and $6300. This is in poor to good condition, not a show quality truck.

    On e-bay you could get between $3.00 and $20,000, depending who is sleeping or Schlepping that day.

  2. Larz and Isabel Anderson began their love affair with the automobile before the turn of the century. In 1899, soon after they married, they purchased a Winton Runabout, a true horseless carriage. From 1899 to 1948 the Andersons purchased at least thirty-two new motorcars, in addition to numerous carriages, creating America?s oldest motorcar collection. As the cars became obsolete, they were retired to the Carriage House. By 1927, the Andersons had opened the Carriage House for tours of their "ancient" vehicles. (Known today as the Lars Anderson museum of transportation)

  3. I believe that the Lars Anderson Museum Of Transportation in Brookline Ma. is the oldest auto museum in the USA. It was open in the early 1920's. When they opened, ?they some cars over 25 years old? as stated in the newspaper of the time.

  4. The bolts that you are describing sound a lot like "step bolts" or "elevator bolts" Step bolts are large (low head) head carriage bolts and elevator bolts are similar, except the head is flat and it had a taper on the inside of the bolt where it makes contact with the material that you are bolting to.

  5. I recieved an e-mail in responce to my ad looking for 31 Essex doors. He had them for "$1040,will deliver world wide". I asked for a photo and an address so that I may send someone to look at them, I guess he didn't have a camera as he never responded.

  6. Mike, If you are going to refinish the plate yourself, First primer it and sand the letters and raised parts smooth. Then paint the plate the colors of the letters. After it is dry refinish it with the background color. Don't put on too much paint. Then when it is dry, block sand the raised letters very carefully with 600 wet sand paper.

    Take your time and the correct lettering color will soon show. After you are done, you could clear it if you wish with patience, it will look like brand new and no one will be able to tell that it has been painted.

    It will take about 4 hours each plate.


  7. That would be the year when they put caster anbd camber into the front axels. I don't know the year, but my 1924 Auto Car definatly did not have it. You had to turn the steering wheel just as hard to come out of a corner than when you went into it.

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